Infant Reflux

Practical Solutions for Infant Reflux, Colic and Baby Gas

Some babies seem excessively fussy, sleeping poorly, crying frequently and demanding to be carried and "walked" around the house. These babies often have abdominal distress, hiccups or spit up.

Our infant reflux positioning wedges and infant reflux slings are covered by most insurance.

Baby Reflux

baby reflux and bonding

At Pollywog Baby we try to bridge the gap between clinical information and practical advice that helps you understand what your baby is going through and improve the quality of your home life. We also help mothers after giving birth with products such as postpartum belly shapewears and other apparel that will help improve your belly shape after natural birth or c section.

See our extensive articles on infant reflux disease, or download our free ebook to read offline. Living With Infant Reflux Disease is a compilation of many of our site articles from breastfeeding techniques for improving infant reflux to better baby carriers for reflux and sleep solutions. Not sure which reflux wedge is right for you? Check out our infant reflux sleeping wedge comparison chart.

Colic, Baby Gas and Infant Reflux

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Because most infants with infant reflux seem to have colic and infant reflux or gas and infant reflux we've compiled an extensive list of tips to help you soothe your savage babe and improve the sanity level in your household.

Find Products for Infant Reflux, Colic and Baby Gas Relief

Pollywog Feeding Wedge

Pollywog Feeding Wedge

For breast or bottle.
Improve digestion during feeds!

RESQ wedge

RESQ Infant Reflux Wedge

Therapist-designed for both sleeping and tummy time.

Infant Calm CD

Infant Calm CD- 6 Tracks of Relief

For house or car, special sounds to calm babies.

Bio Gaia Probiotic Drops

Bio Gaia Infant Probiotic Drops

Clinically proven to reduce colic and intestinal distress.

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