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How Can You Relieve Infants Teething Pain?

Natural Teething Remedies to Relieve Infants Teething Pain

Your baby is fussy, sleeping poorly and desperately putting his hands in his mouth. How can you relieve your infant'teething-symptoms" title="Teething Symptoms">teething symptoms but the main one is fussiness. There are many teething remedies on the market including teething tablets and drops but we believe that the first and best course of any treatment, especially those for tiny babies, are non-oral remedies.

Teething Oral Remedies - How Can You Relieve Infants Teething Pain?

There are many products on the market from Orajel tooth sensitizer to Hyland's homeopathic teething tablets to help ease teething pain but they have not all been tested. If you are breastfeeding, a tooth sensitizer like Orajel can make it difficult for your baby to nurse because your baby will undoubtedly swallow a certain amount which can numb the throat and tongue and result in an incorrect latch. We prefer first trying these baby teething pain home remedies before administering a foreign substance.

Natural Teething Remedies to Relieve Infant's Teething Pain

  • Numb with Cold - a wet washcloth or Kammi teething doll is the perfect thing to wet and place in the freezer. The Kammi has many knots for your baby to chew on and is the perfect size for little fingers to clutch with the added benefit of soaking up all that drool that can cause a painful teething rash.
  • Silicone and Silicon Teething - You Say Tomato. Silicon is frequently confused with silicone. Silicon is a natural element, silicone is a "class of inorganic rubbers" according to Silicone Zone USA. Silicone is the safest plastic alternative on the market today with no known side effects. When buying teething toys always check the components list. Recent studies have linked BPA and phthalates with a horrific number of diseases and this period of your baby'item--nursing-necklace--Teething-Bling.html" title="teething pendants and teething bracelets">teething pendants and teething bracelets made by Smart Mom Jewelry of high quality Silicone. These are irresistible teething jewelry that babies love. Because these are convient and safe to wash in the dishwasher we believe they are the best choice when you are looking for a sanitary teething product.
  • If you do administer Infant Tylenol you can rub it directly onto your baby's teething gums rather than giving him the dose to swallow. This targets the medication where he needs it the most. Always check with your doctor for correct dosage amounts first.
  • Because teething can cause congestion you may be able to comfort your baby somewhat by reducing congestion. Try a vaporizer in your baby'item--newborn-vapor-rub--BABYVAPORRUB.html" title="baby vapor rub">baby vapor rub. Read our article on infant congestion for more ideas.
  • Soothe Teething Rash - Drool contains stomach acids that can irritate your baby's delicate skin. Be sure to put a protective layer of an all natural skin barrier around his mouth to keep the rash at bay. We believe that petroleum has no place on your baby. You can find shea butter and coconut oil online or at health food stores and they both make excellent safe and natural moisturizing barriers for your baby's face (and his body.)
  • Keep Baby's Clothing Dry - All that constant drooling often means your baby'item--towel-bib--towel-bib.html" title="towel bib">large towel bibs and change clothing frequently to keep your baby dry and comfortable.
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