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  • Why is the Pollywog the best feeding pillow available?

  • Originally designed to soothe reflux and colic, this nursing pillow puts any baby in a superior digestive position to minimize gas, spitups, colic and reflux.

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    Infant Reflux Articles

    Understanding infant reflux

  • Baby reflux or colic?
  • Doctors now think that between 40 and 65% of all newborns suffer from some degree of infant reflux, much of which will go undiagnosed and get labeled as colic. Learn more about infant reflux and colic and the connection between the two.

  • Infant silent reflux
  • Find out how to recognize the signs of silent infant reflux and what you can do to soothe your baby.

  • Symptoms of infant reflux
  • While every baby is different and will exhibit varying degrees of infant acid reflux symptoms there are many common symptoms to watch for. Your baby may exhibit none, some, or many infant reflux symptoms such as frequent nursing or refusal to nurse, frequent hiccups, wet sounding burps and spitting up.

  • Tests used to diagnose infant reflux
  • Learn about the various tests for infant reflux and related problems.

    Infant reflux treatments

  • Home remedies for infant reflux and colic
  • Because colic and fussiness are frequently caused by undiagnosed and often silent reflux - meaning the baby refluxes but does not actually spit up - infant reflux home remedies are often helpful for soothing colic and fussiness as well as infant reflux. Learn about simple lifestyle changes you can make to soothe your distressed babe.

  • Alternative treatments for infant reflux
  • While western medicine is fabulous at treating symptoms, more ancient wisdoms believe that by treating the whole person you cure the cause. Explore other alternative treatments including massage, craniosacral or chiropractor adjustments and homeopathic remedies.

  • Probiotics
  • Learn more about how probiotic drops can help improve reflux by improving digestion naturally.

  • Homeopathic infant reflux treatment
  • One mom shares her experience using herbal remedies and it's profound effect on her infant's reflux.

  • Medications used to treat infant reflux
  • There are many medicines used to treat infant reflux, often alone or in combination with other medicines. Learn the difference between classes of common acid reflux medications, dosage guidelines to adjust with growth spurts, medication forms and administering ideas as well as flavoring and compounding options.

  • Insurance reimbursement for reflux products
  • Sound too good to be true? Many of our positioning products are covered. Find out how.

    Breastfeeding and infant reflux

    While breastfeeding is the best thing for a baby with reflux, it's not as simple as feeding any other baby is. Your current breastfeeding techniques and diet could be causing or aggravating your baby's reflux. Learn how you can pinpoint and correct your current practices to improve your baby's reflux right away, no prescription or trip to the doctor required.

  • Why breastfeeding is better for infant reflux and colic than bottle feeding
  • Is breastmilk the same from a bottle? Find out why not.

  • Why breastmilk is better for infant reflux and colic than formula
  • Breastfed babies have lower incidences of just about every disease and condition known to man, including colic and infant reflux.

  • Overactive letdown and oversupply
  • When babies try to keep up with strong flow they tend to swallow air which contributes to general gas, colic and infant acid reflux. Read about the indicators of overactive letdown and oversupply.

  • Correcting foremilk/hindmilk imbalance
  • Because babies with colic and infant acid reflux are frequently fussy it’s easy for a less experienced mom to assume that Baby is finished with the first breast and ready for the next one. This can contribute to both oversupply and a foremilk/hindmilk imbalance, both of which can aggravate colic and infant acid reflux. Learn how to easily correct these by altering breastfeeding habits.

  • Block nursing to improve infant acid reflux
  • If your baby seems to need to nurse all the time, has frequent watery or green stools, seems excessively gassy or pulls off at the beginning of feeds, has lots of audible gulps as if unable to keep up, or if you seem to leak large amounts of milk between feedings it could be that you have a foremilk/hindmilk imbalance. Read more about how to easily correct a foremilk/hindmilk imbalance by altering breastfeeding habits.

  • Making breastmilk even easier to digest to improve reflux and colic
  • You may be told to switch to formula because something in your breastmilk is bothering your baby. Since breastmilk is recognized by all major health agencies to be the best nutrition for your baby, the optimum solution is finding the offending food(s) and elminating it from your diet.

  • Best breast or bottle feeding positions for infant reflux and colic
  • You prop your baby up with pillows to get him inclined during feeding but find out why that may not be the ultimate position you can put him in.

    Bottle feeding and infant reflux

  • How formulas are not all alike
  • There are many artificial milk formulations available today. Some are dairy or soy-based and some have shortened protein strands, making them easier to digest. Even powder versus premixed liquid forms of the same brand may have different ingredients.

  • Best bottles for infant reflux
  • Find out which bottles are best for infant reflux and colic and why.

    Sleeping and infant reflux

    Babies with reflux are notoriously bad sleepers. Find out what you can do to get everyone more sleep.

  • Sleeping positioners and sleeping positions for babies and infants.
  • Can positioning actually make your baby sleep better? Find out which positions and positioners can help your baby sleep longer.

  • Reflux wedges for babies with infant reflux
  • For many babies with infant reflux, positioning is critical. Learn about different wedge options that keep your baby on an incline.

  • Looking for a sleeping wedge for your baby?
  • We believe the Tucker Sling to be one of the safest and best constructed baby wedges for sleeping there is. Find out how to get this item covered by your insurance.

  • Questions about the Tucker Sling?
  • Our frequently asked questions should answer them.

  • Elevated sleep solutions for babies who won't be harnessed or are too large for baby wedges
  • We have found the perfect solution for older babies, toddlers and kids who need to sleep on an incline but are too big for baby wedges.

  • Meet the Maker - Comfy Lift Toddler and Pediatric Reflux Bed
  • After suffering from Acid Reflux Disease and Barrett's Esophagus, Horacio Rubio started the Comfort Lift Pillow Company now called the Positional Therapy Pillow Company. His company makes just about any gastric reflux bed wedge or bed wedge for acid reflux you could ever want. After years of phone calls from moms of infants with reflux asking for crib wedges, Horatio was moved to try to do something for a little girl named Julia and other toddlers that were suffering from debilitating conditions like pediatric reflux, low oxygenation and sleep apnea.

    Keeping refluxers and everyone else happy

    Reflux is a family event which affects everyone in the household. We think any treatment program needs to look at every household member, not just the baby.

  • Baby products can make your life better or worse
  • From baby carriers to bouncy chairs - some products are worth their weight in gold and others should be retired. Learn what to watch out for and how to make purchases you won't regret.

  • Moby Wrap Vs. Front Baby Carriers
  • Is a Moby Wrap really better than a Baby Bjorn carrier for a reflux baby?

  • A Parent's Guide to Living with Infant Reflux Disease
  • Need to get back to bed? Download our free ebook on coping with infant acid reflux and colic to read offline.

  • Get out of the house!
  • If you feel so overwhelmed that you can't manage to leave the house then you really need to leave the house. Read why.

  • Out and About List
  • Our short list of items necessary to get you out and about with a reflux baby - something we think is necessary to your mental well being.

  • Infant reflux got you down?
  • Find emotional support and a friendly ear when you need it most. Life with a refluxer is hard - trust us, we know!

  • Does your baby cry in the car or carseat?
  • We've been there and have lots of suggestions from positioning and soothing or distracting products to better brands of car seats.

  • Transitioning a reflux baby to daycare
  • Transitioning a baby to daycare and returning to work is particularly stressful for parents of fussy babies or babies with reflux and colic. Some preparation upfront and open communication with daycare providers can help ease that transition.

    Other infant reflux information

  • My son Max's Story
  • At first Max seemed normal, albeit very fussy. It wasn't until somewhere during the fourth week that he began to spit-up and his spit-ups continued to worsen in amount and frequency over the next month. We've shared our personal experience in the hopes of helping others.

  • Additional resources for infant reflux
  • Links to other reading on infant reflux and colic.

  • A Comparison Chart of Baby Acid Reflux Wedges
  • We have worked hard to bring you the largest selection of high quality, safe sleeping wedges for acid reflux in babies and toddlers that we could find, from the FDA listed Tucker Sling to the therapist-designed RESQ Wedge. We also have the Comfy Lift Bed to elevate older babies, toddlers, or babies who don't like to be harnessed. We have created a comparison of sleeping wedges so you can see them all side by side to help you select the wedge that will work best for you, your lifestyle and your baby.

  • Getting Your Reflux Wedge Covered by Insurance
  • You can either complete your insurance claim yourself or choose to have a billing person complete the claim for you. We have outlined the steps you would complete to get your reflux positioning products paid by your insurance company, or we have sourced a billing person who can do the work for you if the process turns out to be too time consuming, confusing, or frustrating.

  • When Does a Baby Outgrow Reflux?
  • The single most common question we get is "When does a baby outgrow reflux?" Many physicians give you a pat answer of 6 months to a year but the truth is it depends on the cause of the reflux.

    Colic and Fussy Baby Articles

    While there is a clear definition of colic, no one is absolutely certain what causes colic. We do know that the toll it can take on any caregiver, whether you are a seasoned veteran or total newbie, can be devastating. We've compiled articles to help you understand the conditon and better tackle it. Having some tricks up your sleeve can make all the difference in the world!

  • What stops colic
  • Home remedies to stop colic and just plain fussiness.

  • Evening fussiness and cluster feeding
  • It is common and normal for babies to be fussier or cry more during certain times of the day. Read about the pitfalls of offering supplemental formula bottles to cope with this colicky behaviour.

  • Probiotic Drops to Decrease Colic
  • We have finally found a natural product that has some evidence behind it. Bio Gaia drops have been shown in clinical studies to decrease colic and abdominal distress. Here we provide some background behind probiotics and compare them with gripe water and simethicone drops.

  • What to look for in slings and carriers to ease infant reflux and colic
  • Your baby carrier may be the single most important purchase you make. Babies with reflux and colic demand to be carried continuously but the wrong carrier can aggravate your baby's condition and your back.

  • Tummy time - 15 minutes of torture
  • Many babies don't like tummy time but it seems even more common among babies with colic and reflux because they can have fewer coping skills. Find out ways to distract your fussy little one long enough to accomplish this necessary task

  • Getting baby calm - and keeping him that way
  • Many simple things will calm the savage beast in your babe. We've shared our big bag of tricks.

  • Coping tips for living with infant reflux and colic
  • We've compiled a list of well-deserved tips designed to soothe the weary care-giver. Remember - in order to take care of others you must first take care of yourself.

  • Colic and infant reflux triggers for Shaken Baby Syndrome
  • The most common triggering events for SBS - crying, vomiting, and refusal to eat - are all regular occurrences with a baby with infant reflux.

    Related Conditions

  • Infant Gas
  • Most small babies have some form of infant gas, which generally peaks around 6- 8 weeks and subsides around 3 to 4 months. It is common in both breastfed and formula fed babies. Find out possible causes and simple remedies that don't require pharmaceutical solutions.

  • Plagiocephaly
  • Plagiocephaly is on the rise. Find out why, warning signs to watch for and what you can do to prevent flat heads and expensive plagiocephaly helmets.

  • Torticollis and Sandifer's Syndrome
  • Torticollis and Sandifer's Syndrome can be complications of reflux and GERD, especially when the baby spends a great deal of time sleeping in flexed positions such as the carseat or swing. Find out how to spot early indicators and what you can do to correct them.

  • Infant Sleep Apnea
  • Infant sleep apnea can be caused by infant reflux. Learn more about this potentially dangerous and frightening condition as well as possible treatments.

  • Baby Eczema
  • Baby eczema is common among babies, especially those with reflux. Learn how to get to the source of the eczema and ways to soothe the symptoms.

  • Infant Congestion
  • Infant Congestion is when the nasal membranes swell due to infection or irritation, or when nasal mucus obstructs the nasal passageways. Infants don't have an open sinus passageway that connects the nose to the throat like children and adults do. This is evolutionary insurance to keep them from drowning while nursing. Babies only breathe through the nose so infant congestion can make feeding difficult and sleeping a nightmare.

  • Baby Diaper Rash
  • Diaper rash can have several causes from simple chaffing of the wet or soiled diaper on the skin to yeast and bacterial infections. It doesn't take prolonged exposure to the urine or feces, a diaper rash can instantly appear sometimes with even the most frequent diaper changes. Diaper rash is also common following mom or baby's oral antibiotic treatments which can kill the good intestinal bacteria in your stomach and intestines as well as the bad ones.

  • Diaper Rash Cures
  • How to care for your baby's bottom depending on type of baby diaper rash.

    Breastfeeding Articles

  • When should you seek the help of a lactation consultant?
  • Although breastfeeding usually is an enjoyable experience, a mother can face challenges in breastfeeding, and a lactation consultant can help by giving her the tools she needs to overcome them.

  • What to look for in a lactation consultant
  • Learn how to ensure that the breastfeeding professional you hire has the minimum competencies recognized in the field.

  • All about breastfeeding pillows
  • A breastfeeding pillow that does not position your baby correctly will cause you more harm than good. Learn which features are important so you can make the most informed decision possible.

  • Ending nursing strikes
  • A nursing strike is when a baby suddenly stops nursing. You may be concerned your baby is self-weaning. Find out possible triggers and remedies to resume a happy breastfeeding relationship. We also provide tips on how to care for your breasts and feed your baby during the strike in a way that doesn't compromise future breastfeeding efforts.

  • Nursing necklaces
  • When your baby becomes interested in his surroundings breastfeeding can become a frustrating experience. He may pull your hair or try to look around the room while still latched. A nursing necklace can keep his focus in towards you while he continues to nurse contentedly.

  • Quick and healthy snacks for nursing moms
  • Although you could eat a relatively unhealthy diet while nursing and still provide your baby with healthy breastmilk it’s important for YOUR health to eat properly.

  • Dr. Jack Newman Breastfeeding Handouts
  • Dr. Jack Newman is a world renown pediatrician and author of the book The Ultimate Breastfeeding Book of Answers. We've chosen several of his articles that are of particular interest to moms who are breastfeeding babies with colic and infant acid reflux.

    General Parenting Articles

  • Bedtime routine
  • Humans find security in knowing what to expect so a bedtime routine can actually shape your baby's behaviour, helping them to become drowsy through the power of suggestion. A routine is such a strong tool that depending on a baby's disposition, simply beginning the routine can affect yawns or screams of protest.

  • Baby sleep aid
  • We've all heard that babies mostly sleep but that is not necessarily true. While you can't force a baby to sleep, you can use a baby sleep aid and simple techniques to encourage a baby to sleep.

  • Just How Important is an Infant Swaddle Blanket?
  • Although many babies fight an infant swaddle blanket at first, it is often the fastest way to calm and comfort a fussy or crying baby and to improve their sleep. An infant swaddle blanket directly mimics the womb environment by preventing over-stimulation, reducing the “startle” reflex and regulating body temperature. Really any blanket can be used but an infant swaddle blanket makes swaddling babies easier and safer than a regular blanket.

  • How to Swaddle a Baby
  • How to swaddle a baby is one of the most intimidating things for a new parent. The nurses at the hospital make it look so simple, efficiently and tightly bundling your new baby in a way that leaves you in awe. Then you leave the hospital and try to duplicate their efforts, only to have leftover corners of fabric in some places and not enough fabric in other places to keep the swaddle secure. Baby kicks out of swaddle. Baby 1 - Parent 0.

  • Why does my baby spit up so much?
  • Some answers and simple solutions to help you battle baby spit up.

  • How to Remove Baby Spit Up Stains
  • Even babies who don't have reflux spit up fairly often - especially during times of illness, congestion, teething and particularly active milestones like learning how to crawl and sit up by themselves. Those pesky stains can be difficult to remove. Even more frustrating, you may not realize you have stains until you have stored the clothing for a time. With age you seem to have stains you never even knew existed.

  • Calorie boosters
  • Around 12 - 18 months babies become more independent, easily distractible, and enjoy exercising control over their bodies. Much to your consternation they often refuse to eat. Whatever the cause of your baby's food strike we have food and eating play ideas to take the stress out of mealtime battles.

  • Teething Symptoms
  • Teething symptoms can be obvious but aren't always. Sometimes the first sign of teething is a new tooth! This can happen really at any age. Some babies are born with teeth, although it is rare. Others get teeth between 3 months and 12 months.

  • Teething Remedies
  • Your baby is fussy, sleeping poorly and desperately putting his hands in his mouth. Babies teething have a range of teething symptoms but the main one is fussiness. There are many teething remedies on the market including teething tablets and drops but we believe that the first and best course of any treatment, especially those for tiny babies, are non-oral remedies.

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