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When Does a Baby Outgrow Reflux?

The single most common question we get is "When does a baby outgrow reflux?" Many physicians give you a pat answer of 6 months to a year but the truth is it depends on the cause of the reflux.

Causes of Infant Reflux Determine When Baby Outgrows Reflux

Infant reflux can have several causes. Some babies suffer from both causes and some babies suffer from only one.

The Underdeveloped Esophageal Valve

The most common cause of infant reflux is an underdeveloped esophageal valve. These are the babies who are ultra-sensitive to positioning. The baby spits up every time you change his diaper or settle him on your hip. He spits up when you lie him flat and always spits up in the carseat. The baby won't let you put him down and hates slings, especially over the shoulder ones that squish his tummy. Even though your physician told you to put him in a bouncy seat or carseat he spits up and screams when you try to.

Babies with underdeveloped esophageal valves may outgrow reflux in six months but more often take closer to twelve. The reflux usually minimizes after the baby masters sitting up by himself, rolling over and crawling which strengthen the core stomach muscles. When the baby is just beginning to practice these skills his reflux may get immediately worse because he is putting more pressure on his tummy but it will soon improve.

These are the babies who may see dramatic improvement after visiting the chiropractor or craniosacral specialist and they will certainly benefit from infant positioning products.

Food Intolerant Babies

The other type of reflux baby is the one who is intolerant to one or several food items in either mom's diet or formula or solids he is eating. For these babies reflux will not resolve until they either build up enough tolerance to the foods causing them gastric distress, or the food(s) are completely removed from their diet.

The bright side of reflux caused by food intolerances is that it can resolve immediately once you eliminate that food.

An elimination diet is the first place to start getting some relief from food caused-reflux.

When Does a Baby Outgrow Reflux?

Because of the range of conditions and causes for baby reflux there isn'../refluxandcolic/remedies.html">treating acid reflux in babies you may well be able to minimize your baby's reflux and shorten the length of time you deal with it.

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