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Tucker Sling

Imagine being able to put your baby down in his crib after night feeds and not have to hold him upright 30 to 60 minutes each time. And imagine him (and you) actually sleeping longer stretches without painful wakeups.

The Tucker Sling

The Tucker Sling is a 30 degree harness that can be purchased for the crib mattress or with a freestanding wedge and it allows your baby to sleep safely and securely on his side, tummy or back, reducing reflux episodes. If you are looking for a natural way to cure GERD in babies this is a great solution.

My first son and I slept the first 5 months in the recliner, me sitting upright with him on my chest. After that I just lived with the sleep deprivation of waking up 3 or more times a night to re-settle him, holding him upright for 30 minutes after each night feeding. By the time my second baby came around I had a baby sleeping wedge. When I did get up during the night to feed him, I was able to put him back down on the wedge and go back to sleep myself.

The Tucker Sling with Wedge

The Tucker Sling with Wedge, or Tucker reflux wedge is portable, meaning that you can put it on the floor in front of a window or in the pack and play. It is the only sleeping wedge that allows your baby to be on his tummy so it can be used for tummy time as well. The extra sleep you and your baby will get make this one of the few truly must-have items in your arsenal of baby products.

Both the Tucker Sling and Tucker Sling with Wedge are covered by most insurance. Find out how. Still have questions? See our frequently asked questions about the Tucker Sling.

Tucker Sling with Wedge

Tucker Sling with Wedge


The Tucker Sling with Wedge is a baby sleep wedge that allows you to fasten your baby directly to the wedge so he does not roll down to the foot of the crib like he would do if you simply used an adult acid reflux wedge either under the mattress or under the sheet. The wedge itself is covered with a cotton/polyester cover. At the high end (top) of the wedge there is another cover, similar to a half sheet (the red fabric in this picture) with an attached harness(the patterned fabric in this picture) to keep the baby on the wedge. The Tucker Sling harness is fastened securely with Velcro and an additional outer strap and buckle to ensure the harness will not come undone if your baby is active.

The Tucker Sling harness is essentially in the middle of the wedge so your baby's entire body is on the wedge itself. Because of this your baby can sleep on his side, tummy (if physician recommended) or back, making the positioning extremely flexible. The Tucker Sling covering with attached harness is removable and washable. This baby sleeping wedge comes in three sizes - preemie (3-7 lbs), small (6 - 16 lbs) and medium (16 - 24 lbs).

Tucker Sling for Crib Mattress

Tucker Sling

The Tucker Sling is a crib mattress sling. Just like the covering on the Tucker Sling with Wedge, it is essentially a half sheet with an attached harness that simply slips over your existing crib mattress. This allows you to control the quality and content of mattress your baby sleeps directly on as well as the incline of the mattress itself.Some babies will do fine with a 20% incline but others, especially ones with severe GERD or infant sleep apnea, will need a 40% angle or higher. The Tucker Sling comes in three sizes - small (6 - 16 lbs), medium (16 - 24 lbs) and large (24 - 30 lbs).


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