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Best Swaddling Blanket

Why Use a Swaddling Blanket?

Although many babies fight a swaddling blanket at first, it is often the fastest way to calm and comfort a fussy or crying baby and to improve their sleep. A swaddling blanket directly mimics the womb environment by preventing over-stimulation, reducing the “startle” reflex and regulating body temperature. Really any blanket can be used but a swaddling blanket makes swaddling babies easier and safer than a regular blanket.

Which Swaddling Blanket is the Best Swaddling Blanket?

The Ultimate Swaddling Blanket is hands-down our favorite and we believe the best swaddling blanket. It is sized to provide enough 100% cotton fabric to securely swaddle even a large baby without unnecessary and dangerous extra layers that can cause overheating or even worse, cover the face. In addition the design of this swaddling blanket allows swaddled babies access to their hands which is important for newborn babies. Newborn babies naturally have a hand-to-mouth reflex which both promotes self-soothing and allows the baby to communicate “rooting” cues. A swaddling blanket that is designed to pin the arms down denies the baby these important actions.

Safe Swaddling with the Best Swaddling Blanket

For safe swaddling it's critical that your baby not be overwrapped. Other swaddling blankets have excessive fabric or are made of polyester fleece. The simple design of the Ultimate Swaddling Blanket allows the baby to be correctly swaddled without the fabric wrapping around the baby multiple times like the Miracle Blanket design. However, it's a large swaddling blanket - the perfect swaddling blanket for a 6 month old, swaddling a newborn baby, and preemie swaddling. It is made from 100% cotton to help your newborn regulate his temperature better as well.

The Ultimate Swaddling Blanket design also allows you to swaddle the baby’s body and arms (with hands up) while leaving the legs free either so the baby can bring them up to resolve gas, or so you can put the baby in a stroller, seat, or swing while in a swaddling blanket. Other swaddling blankets require you to bind the legs which prevents the baby from being in any bouncy seat, stroller, or swing that has a strap which comes up between the legs.

One final design feature of the best swaddling blanket is the absence of Velcro™, which can come loose and scratch the baby or ruin other items in the laundry. Plus the best swaddling blanket comes with a visual 1-2-3 swaddle tip tag to make even the most novice swaddler a pro. Made in the USA with love. Now in organic cotton as well.

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Best Swaddling Blanket

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