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Out and About with Infant Acid Reflux

Infant Acid Reflux Making it Hard to Leave the House?

When you have a baby with infant acid reflux it’s hard to leave the house without car racks to hold all the items you feel like you might need. Here is a short list:

A large but comfortable diaper bag.

A baby with infant acid reflux will go through many changes of clothing, burp cloths and bibs as well as the standard diapers. We like the Skip Hop Expo because it expands when you need it and collapses when you don’t. You may also find a standard backpack works well and is easier to wear if your baby is in a frontpack. Just be sure to put the backpack on after you put on the frontpack so you can access it without taking off your baby.

Light colored onesies and thin pants.

That way if the spit-up is small you can simply wipe it off and ignore the spot (unless it’s too stinky). Onesies and thin pants take up less room in the bag.

As many bibs as you think you’ll need, minus two.

Those two you’ll put on your baby. When he spits up on the top one take it off.

Leave your burp cloths at home, they are too bulky.

Instead save your paper towel rolls when they are ½ to ¼ of the way empty. Tie a string to one strap of your diaper bag, threading it through the paper towel roll and tie it to the same strap so that it hangs outside the diaper bag. No need to cart those stinky burp cloths around.

Tie a scarf to the bag or a sweatshirt or sweater around your waist.

That way if spit up gets on you all you need to do is wipe it off and put something over the spot. Conversely, wear the sweater out and once it gets spit up on take it off and tie it around your waist. Remember it smells strongest to you – other people probably can’t even smell it.

A comfortable baby carrier.

I can’t tell you how many new moms I see out walking pushing very expensive but empty baby strollers with one hand and trying to carry the baby in the other. Your baby wants to be carried, not pushed. Make it easy on yourself now by getting a really good carrier like a Moby Wrap or Baby Cuddler baby carrier . Your baby will likely fall asleep in the right carrier and you can extend your walk or outing. The right carrier will actually put a baby with infant acid reflux in a more comfortable position and reduce spit ups.

Empty grocery store produce bags or large ziplocks.

These are to put soiled clothing in so it doesn’t get on the other things in your diaper bag.

Extra diapers and wipes.

Nursing cover up or bottle of warm water and powdered formula in a small plastic container or ziplock.

We love apron-style nursing cover-ups because they provide great coverage and use very thin cotton fabric. They fold up easily to fit in the diaper bag and your baby won't get hot underneath. If your baby is overstimulated or tired you can use one to cover him up long enough for him to fall asleep.

If your baby takes them, a pacifier or two with a string to attach it to your baby carrier.

The right frame of mind.

Some things are given – it rains in Seattle and your baby will cry and you will get spit up on. Accept that and move on so you can enjoy your outing.

Now, what’s stopping you? Get out there and reclaim your life!

Wishing you sleep and hugs,