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Teething Necklace

Once your baby’s pain is controlled through medication, physical maturity, or by resolving any nursing problems, a teething necklace that doubles as a nursing necklace can be a good distraction and help to end nursing strikes.

A teething necklace is also great once babies become older and want to be more "actively involved” in nursing - or starts teething. Plus babies just love to play with jewelry and teething necklaces are designed to take a baby’s wear and tear.

A quick internet search will find you many styles of nursing necklaces - from multi-colored chunky beads to stone pendants with leather straps. Be sure and check for nursing necklaces with beads or jewels that were designed to be put in your baby's mouth since that is inevitably where the nursing necklace will end up. Check all finishes and dyes used on the beads, be sure the nursing necklace will not come undone if firmly tugged on, and that the beads cannot pop off the string.

We believe the safest and most attractive teething necklace is teething bling from Smart Mom. This teething necklace was designed to be chewed on (unlike a stone pendant) and made out of materials safe and inviting for your baby to put in his mouth. The pendants come in fun colors and patterns that allow you to coordinate them with your outfit and are not the chunky bead nursing necklaces you wouldn't necessarily want to wear outside the house. And best of all - they can go in the dishwasher to sanitize them periodically. This is the only sanitary teething soltuion we know of!

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