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Moby Carrier

The Moby carrier helps you calm your fussy one and get things done.

If you are looking for a way to calm your fussy or crying baby look no further than a Moby carrier. Wrap baby carriers like the Moby carrier not only mimic the womb environment better than front baby carriers, they help you regain a sense of independence by allowing you to get out of the house or get things done.

The Moby carrier correctly distributes your baby's weight

The Moby carrier is superior to most front baby carriers or slings in that the mobi wrap distributes the baby’s weight evenly across both your shoulders and your lower back. Many front baby carriers do not have a lumbar support, nor do front baby carriers hold the baby in close enough to you to properly support undeveloped abdomen muscles. The Moby carrier does both.

The Moby carrier puts your baby in the best position to minimize reflux and correctly develop the spine and hips

If your baby tends to spit up, front baby carriers and slings can aggravate the problem because they either curl the baby around or don't keep the baby close enough to you to support his spine in a straight position. The Moby carrier will keep your baby in a perfectly straight and upright position.In addition, there is some concern about front baby carriers putting too much pressure on the base of the spinal column during a critical development phase.

The Moby carrier works in a variety of positions

The Moby carrier is more flexible than a front baby carrier or sling in that the Moby carrier can be tied in many different ways to be worn on the front, back and sides, to nurse, to carry twins, or to distribute weight on mom in different ways in order to avoid stress injuries which come from wearing your baby’s weight in the same spot day after day. And because you tie it each time you put it on it adjusts exactly to your baby's changing body, unlike one size-fits-all pouches on front baby carriers. The Moby carrier is simply soft knitted fabric devoid of buckles, rings and padding that fits easily into a diaper bag.

Moby Carrier - perfect for kangaroo care for premature babies or to end nursing strikes

The Moby carrier is the ideal method of practicing kangaroo care for premature babies. Kangaroo care is important to help premature babies regulate their body temperature and bond with parents. By maintaining skin to skin contact as many hours a day as possible, a parent can fairly discretely wear a premature baby around the house for an extended period without back, shoulder, or neck pain. The mobi wrap is the perfect soft carrier, made from 100% soft knitted cotton without padding, buckles or velcro. It's simple design allows for an infinite number of minute adjustments for any size parent and baby and allows you to change how the carrier fits on your body each time you put it on. This is important for avoiding shoulder irritations you get when wearing shoulder straps in the exact same place day in and day out.

At half the price of front baby carriers we believe the Moby carrier is a terrific value and must-have product for new parents. Visit our Pollywog online store to see our selection of Moby carriers.

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Moby Wrap Baby Carrier

You need a Moby Wrap baby carrier, the best baby carrier for your baby's reflux and your back

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