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Infant Reflux Got You Down?

As positive and upbeat a person you may be, living with infant reflux is a soul searching experience and you may occasionally need support.

Occasionally you may need to hear that infant reflux will not last forever, and that you will weather the storm with your spirit and family intact.

Occasionally you will have questions that seem odd to ask your pediatrician, like how many burp cloths you will need to take to the zoo because your baby has infant reflux.

Occasionally you simply want to say hello to someone else who has experienced infant reflux and learn that you are not crazy, or a terrible parent, or have the most difficult baby ever.

On those occasions we are here and happy to talk to you, whether to help you make the right baby carrier choice or to encourage you to hire some help occasionally or hear how your visit with the infant reflux specialist went (once they finally fit you in.)

We only ask that you observe our operating hours between 9 a.m. and 5 p.m. Pacific Standard Time because we are a small mom-run business and some of our very youngest executives still have infant reflux. During operating hours call us toll free at 866-332-0958.

Outside of operating hours? Please visit our sitemap for an extensive list of articles on how to improve the quality of your life and comfort your baby or peruse our selection of items specifically handpicked for babies with infant reflux in our online store.

Wishing you sleep and hugs,

Parent's Guide to Living with Infant Reflux

A Parent's Guide to Living with Infant Reflux

Download our free ebook, Living with Infant Reflux to read offline. This is a compilation of many of our site articles from breastfeeding techniques for improving infant reflux to better baby carriers and sleep solutions so you can stop surfing the internet and go to bed.

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