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Homeopathic Infant Reflux Treatment

A brief history of our homeopathic infant reflux treatment

Josh was born last October 5th and was a great weight of 9lbs 13oz so was very happy with that. He was so sleepy for the first 2 weeks that he slept for hours on end and I thought I had the most contented babs as the first guy never slept a wink. At about 2 months the reflux kicked in and was mostly silent reflux as he never vomited but he had permanent hiccups and his tummy was so full of gas and wind that if you put your ear down to his belly it sounded like a volcano erupting in there. I went on the elimination diet cutting out dairy, gluten, citrus, you name it but there was no real reaction to that other than his eczema cleared up.

To cut a long story short the first 8 months of Josh's life he was in continual pain and discomfort. He never slept for more than 45 minutes at a time and often was awake for an hour between 45 minute sleeps in pain and monumental burps. The fatigue and stress that the reflux brought to our little family was so severe that my husband and I fought constantly and on many occasions I would be so stressed and stupified with tiredness and lack of hope that I came close to driving myself and Josh to a psychiatric hospital and demanding they take me in and sedate me - I was that close to the edge.

Only a fellow refluxer can possibly know the limits you are pushed to when you have a baby with this condition. Zantac didn't work and he got limited relief from Gaviscon and he wouldn't eat a single thing so by 8 months I was desperate and exhausted and so, so worried about him and his weaning. Family members didn't understand and the advice I was given was very frustrating as no-one understands reflux unless they have lived it. Even doctors I found just had the "He'll grow out of it eventually" attitude which left me screaming inside!

Then I met a local woman here in Dunboyne, Co Meath in Ireland who recommended an Herbalist whose clinic is close to the house. His name is Sean Boylan and he is a big celebrity here in Meath and Ireland for the work he did with the Gaelic football team. (If you are Irish you might have heard of him). Anyway he trained as an herbalist over 30 years ago and started out in a prefab which is now a state of the art clinic and alternative therapy centre. I made an appointment with one of his staff Dorothy who listened carefully to my tale of woe about Josh and said that they treat reflux in babies very regularly at the clinic and she gave me a bottle of herbs.

After 5 days of giving it to Josh he gradually started to settle. I started this treatment about 8 weeks ago and each week he has just gotten better and better and better and better. It wasn't instant at all just very gentle and very gradual. Within 2 weeks he started to eat little bits and now he is tucking into olives, pasta, pear, sundried tomatoes, potato, carrot, fish - anything we eat at the table - with gusto. This is a far cry from the child who was so uncomfortable nothing could pass his lips.

The only side effects that I have experienced after 2 months of treatment is a 9 1/2 month old who now eats and sleeps for 3 hour stretches which I consider normal for a hungry breastfeeder who has only started to eat. No stool changes. He does have the very occasional bad night but I have linked that to me drinking caffeinated coffee or wine so I avoid that if I can.

I think having a refluxer has made me such a resilient mam now and so much more confident that I have managed to help him beat it! Plus the breastfeeding is a dream now and he nurses better and longer and doesn't bite anymore!

-Oons and Josh in Ireland

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