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Infant formulas for acid reflux

If you do choose to feed your baby formula, do some research first. There are many formulas out there and they are not all alike. Some have dairy or soy bases and some are more allergenic than others. Powder versus premixed liquid forms of the same brand may even have different ingredients. Be prepared to try many different formulas.

It is always a good idea to pump during any formula trial in the event that formula fails and you wish to continue breastfeeding. Your milk supply will decrease over time if you are not breastfeeding or pumping on a regular basis and you may find your baby's symptoms worsen on formula. Even if it has been many months since you've breastfed, if you find that the original benefit of formula has worn off - namely that your baby is doing worse now than he was when you are breastfeeding - it is never too late to relactate.

Classic start formulas for acid reflux

These are what you typically see on the grocery store shelves. There are many brands of these, among them Similac, Carnation and Enfamil. These are less expensive but contain longer protein chains and commonly contain soy, dairy or corn.

Hydrolyzed formula for acid reflux

These come in two classes and are typically also available at the grocery store. The first class contains a combination of short and long protein chains and may have fewer allergens. Carnation Good Start is one example. The second class contains a higher proportion of short protein chains. Some examples are Alimentum and Nutramigen. Hydrolyzed formulas are not truly hypoallergenic and are more expensive than Classic Start Formulas.

Elemental formulas for acid reflux

These are amino acid based formulas, meaning that the proteins have been broken down to their simplest forms which make them easier to digest than other formulas. Some examples of these are Neocate, EleCare and Vivonex. These formulas are available only by prescription and should be tried only after all other formulas have failed. They are extremely expensive and should only be used under a doctor's guidance. Check with your pediatrician to see if it's possible to get insurance coverage for them.

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