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Dr. Brown's bottles - the best baby bottles for reflux

Many bottles promise to be as similar to a mother's breast as possible but they overlook the basic problem of airflow - or lack of it. Dr. Brown's bottles are designed with an ingenious straw inside to ensure that your baby is getting the liquid inside without the excess air that causes gas, colic, and aggravates reflux. Dr. Brown's bottles also reduce ear infections by eliminating the negative pressure that causes liquid to backup in the inner ear. Designed by a pediatrician, Dr. Brown's bottles won the Medical Design Excellence Award in 2000, an award recognizing groundbreaking innovations in healthcare.

We carry Dr. Brown Sampler packs in both standard and wide-mouth designs so you can try them. We also carry premie nipples and Y-cut nipples that allow thickened liquids to flow freely, solving your problem of clogged nipples when you add thickeners and powdered medications to formula or breastmilk.

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Dr. Brown's bottles

Dr. Brown's are the best baby bottles for reflux

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