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From baby fussy to baby calm

Fussy, colic or reflux babies can startle with even the slightest glance or noise and often have little to no self-soothing skills. We share our tricks of the trade on how to calm a fussy baby and restore harmony once more.

Calm a fussy baby with a comforting demeanor

Babies with colic or reflux are likely physically uncomfortable and crave nurturing even more than other babies do. Hold your baby close to you so he can breathe in your smells. Stimulation, including laughing and crying, can trigger reflux and colic episodes. Keep a calm environment that is soothing and use a quiet, comforting voice.

Calm a fussy baby by swaddling

Your baby may resist being swaddled at first but within a few minutes should actually start to calm down. There are special swaddle blankets that make this feat easy. Read all about swaddle blankets to learn what to avoid. We believe the Ultimate Swaddle Blanket is the best one available. You can find them in our Pollywog online fussy and reflux baby store.

Calm a fussy baby with motion

Motion can often trigger a calming reflex in babies and may even help to keep fluids down. Rocking, swaying and swinging are all very comforting. Gentle up and down bouncing, as on a therapy ball also helps many babies to calm down or pass gas.

Calm a fussy baby by changing the scenery

Step out of the house! Sometimes even just opening the door so your baby can look outside or going to a window will calm him down. New things to look at, fresh air and a change of scenery are very distracting and calming to your baby. If nothing else it will be a welcome break for you.

Calm a fussy baby with running water or fan

The noise from a running shower, sink faucet or fan may also soothe your baby. You're lucky if this works - that means you can probably shower every day!

Calm a fussy baby with white noise

Babies are used to the sounds of your womb so white noise can be very calming to them. There are several white noise machines you can purchase ranging from inexpensive to very expensive. Look for one that has a range of noises and doesn't pause before repeating the track (this is called looping).

CDs are a less expensive option and can also be used in the car. You can also simply leave a radio station on between channels but occasionally signals change during a 24 hour period so make sure it is not set close to any stations.

Calm a fussy baby with music

Music can calm and distract. Instrumentals may be less stimulating but experiment to learn what your baby likes. Babies have individual tastes in music just as adults do.

Calm a fussy baby with loveys

Small, soft blankets or even burp cloths that smell like Mommy can be very reassuring for your baby. Try putting one inside your shirt or pajamas for several hours to fill it with your scent.

Calm a fussy baby by carrying

Nothing soothes a fussy baby faster than nestling him in the correct upright position in a well chosen carrier. Much like swaddling, carriers help recreate that soothing and protective womb they are so used to, as well as provide comforting motion and reduce stimulation. Read what to look for in slings and carriers to help you choose one that will work well for you and for your baby becuase the wrong carrier can actually make him more uncomfortable and increase his fussiness.

Calm a fussy baby by eliminating stimulation

If all else fails, try darkening the room, eliminating all noise, not making eye contact with your baby, putting baby in a carrier face-in, or putting your baby in the crib. It could be that your baby is overwhelmed and needs some time to "regroup".

Calm yourself by taking breaks as often as possible

Dealing with reflux or colic is very stressful and it can be difficult at times to keep from crying yourself. Babies often sense emotional discord so if you find yourself feeling overwhelmed or angry, try to find someone to hand the baby to or even put him a safe place while you step away and regroup. Don't repress your personal feelings though. It's important to discuss them with your partner or family members at an appropriate time.

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Best baby carrier for infant reflux

If your baby is calm only when held invest in a good baby carrier.

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