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Children's Reflux Wedges - Toddler and Kids Reflux Beds

For reflux sufferers a good night's sleep is dependent on positioning. Sleeping wedges with harnesses work great for babies but how do you prop an older baby, toddler, kid or smaller baby who refuses to be harnessed?

The Comfy Lift Children's Reflux Bed for Older Infants, Toddlers and Kids - Pediatric Reflux Wedge

The Positional Therapy Pillow Company has created the perfect solution for pediatric reflux or those with sleeping disorders, breathing difficulties like apnea, and hypotonic conditions such as preemies or "syndrome" toddlers and kids.

This toddler and children's reflux bed is really a series of wedges that allows your child to grow into the bed over time. As your child grows you will remove some of the wedges at the feet to keep them in a natural position for sleeping.

The concaved sides prevent your child from rolling off either side of the bed and the wedges at the foot of the bed prevent them from sliding down.

This is the perfect (and only so far as we know) solution for the older baby or baby who won't be harnessed, toddler or child up to five years old. If you have been struggling with a toddler who wakes frequently from discomfort or breathing difficulties this is the solution for you! The concaved sides help create a cozy environment that babies and toddlers prefer, defining their sleeping space for emotional security.

The Comfy Lift bed comes with a waterproof cover and washable sheet and designed for babies 12 months on up to a child of 5 years old or 48" in length. It can be used in a crib with the regular crib mattress removed, so long as the child is not able to stand up and climb out of the crib. It can also be used in a toddler bed frame or directly on the floor.

Children's Sleeping Wedge Reflux Bed - Toddler's Elevated Bed

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Read our story about how the Comfy Lift Toddler and Kids bed came to be.

Testimonials for the Comfy Lift Kid's Reflux Bed

...Our son Luke is now 11 months old and has been suffering from acid reflux since he was born. He has been diagnosed failure to thrive and was 9 lbs 12.5 oz when he was born. He is only 18 lbs 5 oz now.

...I came across the ad for your comfort lift pillow bed on a website and decided to order the bed in hopes that we would not have to put him back on any medication. Mr. Rubio, your bed design is a life saver for Luke and our whole family. The first night we put him to sleep he slept for 8 hours straight...

...We thank the Good Lord above for answering our prayers. We are so thankful to you for this bed design. No matter how he turns around in bed he is still elevated and is sleeping comfortably and it is no longer a struggle to put him to sleep. We showed our pediatrician the bed from the flyer and she posted it in her office to show her other patients because she knows how hard it has been for us...


Eric and Elaine Goodrich

"I wish I could come hug all of you!"

...We purchased your pillow within the past month and you've saved our lives. My son Adam is 14 months old and suffers from: Failure to thrive, Severe Anthropophagi Reflux, and Severe Gastro esophageal Reflux...

...He absolutely amazed us! From night 1 he puts himself to bed. Unbelievable!! He sleeps ALL night, in an "uphill" position, and then during the day when he's had enough with playing he simply crawls in his room and climbs right in and is asleep in 2 minutes...

...I honestly hadn't slept more than 2-3 hours a night since March until your miraculous bed came. That's 2 1/2 months-now. I and my four year old can get 7-8 hours of completely uninterrupted sleep. As for Adam he sleeps usually 10 hours and the pump never alarms because he's so comfortable and not having the GERD pain because of the design of the bed. Oh I could run through the streets screaming with joy. I've emailed pictures of him in the bed to so many people just bragging about it...


Melanie LaVoie

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