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Breastmilk versus Formula

Warning: I am very biased toward breastfeeding and breastmilk, and the more I learn about it, the more biased I become.

The more informed you are about the benefits of breastmilk the easier this decision will be. Breastfed babies have lower incidences of just about every disease and condition known to man, including allergies, asthma, type I diabetes, childhood and adult cancers, ear infections, MS, obesity in later life, cavities, GAS, COLIC and REFLUX.

It is the perfect food for your baby and can never be duplicated. It is nourishing comfort that is always the right temperature with no bottle systems, warmers or sterilizers required. It changes with your baby's physical needs as his body matures, changes in composition from the beginning to the ending of each feeding and even changes throughout the course of the day.

It is more easily digested than formula and so causes less gas and spends less time in the stomach, making it is less likely to come back up. www.Promom.org has a great write-up on the benefits of breastmilk versus formula to help you decide for yourself which is right for you and your baby.

At some point someone with the very best of intentions will suggest that you switch to formula. Nature designed your breastmilk to be the perfect food for your baby; however, moms don't all eat as nature intended. Many babies spit-up because of sensitivity, intolerance or allergy to foods or chemicals in our diet.

There is no artificial milk formulation in the world that can even come close to being as perfect as your breastmilk is. Is it close enough? You decide. Read the ingredient label on a can of formula before making your decision. There are at least 100 known ingredients in human milk that cannot be duplicated.

Odds are if your baby's digestive tract isn't mature enough to handle your breastmilk then formula will not improve his Reflux. Before you try formula, try failsafe or elimination diet with the guidance of your doctor in order to make your breastmilk more digestible for your baby.

See Making Your Breastmilk Even Easier to Digest for more information.
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