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What to Look for in Slings and Carriers

There are dozens of sling and carrier choices available these days. Don’t stop your search at large baby stores. Do some searching on the internet or in stores that specialize in baby slings and carriers. Many large towns and cities have sling libraries where you can try them out before you buy. Check with your local parent's support group or hospital to find one in your area.

Asian style, African and South American slings have been around for hundreds of years and many are easier to use and more comfortable for you and your baby than modern carriers. Be sure to look for carriers or slings that will be able to support your baby into toddlerhood. Babies with reflux DEMAND to be carried and often grow up to be toddlers who demand to be carried.

Look for styles that distribute the weight to both shoulders and your waist or lower back in addition to putting Baby in an upright position and in close to your body to prevent him from slumping.

Infant Slings

Rebozo style slings are very flexible, allowing for many different positions that distribute weight onto both shoulders. Rebozos work with both back and front carries from infancy to toddlerhood. The Moby Wrap is a new spin on a traditional rebozo and comes in soft 100% cotton and fun colors. Check out our selection of Moby wraps in the Pollywog online store. Watch out for slings that curl your baby up, such as over one shoulder styles.

Front Carriers

Throw away your Baby Bjorn or other frontpack. They let the baby slump which puts pressure on the tummy. The baby cuddler is a great front carrier that works well even with toddlers.

Asian style baby carriers

A Mei Tei is a traditional Asian-style baby carrier that lets you carry your baby in your front, sides or back. We proudly carry Kozy Carriers, which are designed for western bodies and have more strap padding than Chinese made versions. They keep your baby in the perfect upright position - close to you with a straight spine while distributing his weight across your shoulders, back and hips.

All these options keep Baby’s spine straight and hold him in close to you, thereby keeping pressure off his tummy.

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