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Pollywog Testimonials

Finally! A nursing pillow that places the baby in the position nature intended. This is the one pillow I recommend. Other popular pillows on the market take a "one size fits all" approach. They can place a baby too high or low on the breast-actually contributing to problems they are meant to prevent. The Pollywog adjusts to accommodate all the various sizes and shapes of mothers and babies. The Pollywog is truly an innovative product that will make feeding more comfortable for many moms.

- Renee Beebe, M.Ed., IBCLC

What a fantastic idea! The Pollywog provides ergonomic support for both baby and mom. Combined with the Pollywog lumbar support, this pillow will virtually eliminate the positional stressors from nursing your infant. Now I have a product that I can whole heartedly recommend to all new mothers!

- Winfield Hobbs, Chiropractor (DC), Seattle, WA

A very comfortable way to nurse a baby. It helped relieve back pain I experienced with other pillows since the Pollywog properly supported my baby. I was no longer either hunched over Brendan, or supporting him for extended periods of time with my arms. I also noticed a significant reduction in spit up.

- Deirdre and son Brendan

I would recommend the Pollywog to nursing mothers as it allows comfortable nursing with the upright positioning that is helpful for many babies, especially babies with reflux.

- Christianne Eldred, M.D., Ballard Pediatrics, Seattle, WA

My upper back became very painful and my doctor attributed it to nursing and insisted that I find a way that would allow me to nurse with my back straight. The Pollywog was the solution as it propped up my son so that I could nurse sitting up comfortably. I have not had a painful upper back since I started using the Pollywog and I love the convenience of being able to nurse to in my favorite chair. The convenient handle of the Pollywog is another plus in that it is easy to carry while I also carry my baby. The waterproof cover gives me peace of mind so that if there is a spit up, it can be cleaned without compromising the Pollywog itself. All in all, a great product for both of us.

- Crystal Grace Rutherford and her son Karl Xavier

My name is Kate O. and I live in Cleveland, OH. My 3 mo. old has had reflux for a couple months now and the nursing positioner has been a GODSEND! I also just received an extra cover in the mail and was so glad to see you sold those...(baby with reflux = lots of spit up!). I just wanted to thank you for such a GREAT product. I've told all my friends about it also...even those without babies suffering from reflux. It is SO much more comfortable than a "Boppy" pillow and I will never go back to using one of those. It fits in the lower part of the stroller and was super easy to travel with. And as my sister pointed out, it even covers up your stomach more while nursing so you don't have to feel self-conscious about your "post-baby flab" hanging out! 

Thanks again for providing such a great product. I'm spreading the word to my peers...FORGET the Boppy and get a pollywog pillow!

With Thanks,

I have a blue pollywog and love it! It has really made a huge difference for me and my baby. I’m purchasing the pink one for a friend’s baby shower. I can’t imagine nursing without mine now – it goes everywhere with me. 

Best of luck to you and your company. You’ve got a great product and are really making a difference to nursing moms and babies.

Kimberly D

I LOVE the reflux pillow--it is truly awesome!!! Thank you so much for sending it to me and the lumbar support pillow is great, too. I use the pillow shoved between my legs a bit (like the photo of you on that insert!) because my daughter is HUGE! But it makes a difference and I also just love that it is perfectly shaped for feeding in general.

Thank you again!

IBCLC and mother of 4

We received the wedge today and she nursed great this evening! (Still spit up some, but at least she was nursing and not demanding the bottle!) She must've been a lot more comfortable. I can't begin to thank you enough for sending that to us and the pretty pink extra cover.

Thanks again!!!

Jen (and baby K!)

I got my wedge last week and LOVE IT!! Thanks for such a great product and the extra cover, it has already come in handy :)


I would like to take this chance to also tell you what a wonderful product the pollywog pillow is! It has helped me and my son tremendously. I had Renee Beebe come to my house last week because breastfeeding had not be going well at all. She had me try out your pillow because I had stopped using all pillows because they were just making things worse and I was instantly nursing without pain. In addition my son has been having a hard time with gas and I think some reflux and this pillow seems to be helping. He is not as fussy after nursing as he had been prior to using the pollywog. I just wanted to say thanks for coming up with this product. It has made a huge difference for us!

Happy 4th and best wishes!


I simply can't thank you enough for inventing such essential and wonderful products. I mean products that actually work for the benefit of both the baby and the mother and that are truly necessary. Your products are of the highest quality and are beautiful. Please keep up the great work and don't ever stop selling them. Thanks to you, breastfeeding will be much easier. All the very best to you always.


Maria D

Hi Annette, I wanted to tell you how great the pollywog feeding wedge and dressing table wedge is working for my son . He seems so much more content even though he still has the reflux, it seems to be helping him. I commend this product and look forward to purchasing something else later.


Barb D