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Reflux Feeding Pillow

Introducing the Reflux Feeding Pillow by My Brest Friend

We here at Pollywog Baby are ecstatic to announce that we have partnered up with My Brest Friend in order for our reflux feeding pillow to reach as many babies as possible. My Brest Friend has long been our favorite conventional feeding pillow with it's firm foam surface and design for breastfeeding rather than propping underdeveloped infants.

We've always been impressed with their hands on approach and staff of experienced licensed Lactation Consultants - with a focus on breastfeeding and supporting mothers and babies. That dedication has led them to branch out with a reflux feeding pillow perfectly designed to treat infant reflux - ours, of course!

Pollywog Reflux Feeding Pillow to Remain Unchanged

When we first designed our feeding pillow 7 years ago it was completely unlike any other on the market - designed to firmly support your baby with a straight spine on an incline, flexible to remove and maintain the natural nursing position. Now, 7 years later, the pillow remains unchanged.

Don't be Fooled by Other Reflux Feeding Pillows

Other pillow makers have realized how common reflux is and tried to cash in on the market. Even now, none of them provide the firm foam surface and incline that your baby needs. Don't be fooled by the simplicity of our design! We have spent 7 years now working with pediatricians, therapists, Children's hospitals parents and the feedback has been overwhelming. Our pillow design is the only design that puts your baby in the correct feeding position for reflux - on an incline, on the side with no flexion in the legs to put pressure on the tummy. The angle is designed to have just enough incline for mild reflux and easily adjustable up for moderate to severe reflux.

Reflux Feeding Pillow a Holistic Approach to Infant Reflux

One thing we do know is that 40-60% of all newborns experience reflux to some extent in the early weeks and months because they do not have fully developed lower esophagus valves. So why would you want your baby to feed in the same position in which you yourself would not want to swallow liquid? By improving digestion during feedings you are doing your part in improving reflux, colic and gas.

My Brest Friend Reflux Feeding Pillow

Finally - a reflux feeding pillow that puts your baby in the natural nursing position - inclined for proper digestion.
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