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Using Your Pollywog Nursing Positioner

1    Get in a comfortable, upright position with good back support, such as a Pollywog brand nursing lumbar support.

2    Place Pollywog and baby as close to your body as possible.

3    Adjust Pollywog and/or baby by sliding baby up or down on Pollywog, or by sliding Pollywog across your lap until baby's mouth is positioned slightly under your breast.


slide baby or pillow to adjust

4    Always bring baby and Pollywog to your breast, never your breast to baby and Pollywog. Support your breast when bringing baby up to it.

5    When using the football hold, it may be necessary to increase Pollywog's height by placing one corner of Pollywog on your leg. A rolled up cloth next to your newborn's bottom should help prevent sliding.

Pollywog football hold

6    You can easily elevate Pollywog to 30+ degrees to improve digestion by sliding Pollywog across your lap until the tail rests between your knees.

nursing wedge 30 degrees

7    Always keep one hand behind baby to prevent rolling.

8    If you experience sore nipples that do not appear to be improving daily, please consult a lactation consultant. Breastfeeding should never hurt, even in the beginning.

Read when to seek a lactation consultant and what to look for in a lactation consultant for more information.

9    For more information on breastfeeding visit La Leche League online.