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Why is the Pollywog Nursing Positioner the Best Breastfeeding Pillow Available?

Do you

  • struggle with properly positioning your baby
  • experience carpal tunnel-like symptoms, migraines, neck and shoulder strain from holding your baby while nursing for so many hours each day
  • experience back strain and sore nipples from slouching down to your baby's height
  • see your baby spitting up excessively or squirm uncomfortably during feedings
  • The Pollywog breastfeeding pillow is the only breastfeeding pillow that puts your baby in a position that best facilitates digestion, fully supports his weight, is height adjustable, and grows with him. Not only is it more comfortable for you but it's better for your baby as well. It truly is the best breastfeeding pillow available.

    Pollywog In Use

    Finally - a breastfeeding pillow that puts your baby in the natural nursing position.

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    Read my son Max's story and other testimonials

    The best breastfeeding pillow

  • Provides upright positioning for your baby, reducing gas, colic, reflux and ear infections

  • Positions your baby in the natural nursing position, helping you to focus on latching correctly

  • Supports your baby, not just your arm

  • Has a height-adjustable design, preventing sore nipples and back strain

  • Works in many positions with all sizes of babies - you are limited only by your imagination

  • Has a simple design that is easy for you to use

  • Fits most rocker/gliders

  • Is protected by a water-resistant inner cover and comes with a removable, machine-washable outer cover

  • Is made from long-lasting, high quality foam which will not sink or bunch with use.
  • The best breastfeeding pillow provides upright positioning

    Other breastfeeding pillows put your baby in a position that is flat and can actually increase gas, colic and reflux by making it more difficult for your baby to swallow, and to keep feedings down.

    Our breastfeeding pillow puts your baby in the position that best facilitates easy swallowing and quick travel of milk down the throat and esophagus and into the stomach.

    In addition, it is believed that feeding a baby in an upright position encourages milk to begin exiting the stomach during the feed, thus leaving less in the stomach to later cause gas, colic and reflux.

    The best breastfeeding pillow has an ergonomic design

    Other breastfeeding pillows are designed to support your arm while you support your baby. This still leaves you open to wrist and shoulder strain.

    Because other breastfeeding pillows are one height only, and frequently too low for a large percent of the population, they may not effectively support your arm at all which can lead to neck and/or shoulder and upper and/or lower back pain. Worse yet, if your breastfeeding pillow is not the correct height for you it can lead to sore nipples.

    In fact, a breastfeeding pillow that is not the correct height can contribute to more problems than it solves.

    Because of the unique wedge shape of the Pollywog breastfeeding pillow you can slide your baby up or down, or slide the breastfeeding pillow across your lap and achieve the correct height for you and your baby, adjusting to your unique proportion of torso height, breast size, arm length and the size of your baby's head. As your baby grows and your breasts change in size you can easily adjust the breastfeeding pillow height by simply placing your baby at nipple height on the pillow.

    The best breastfeeding pillow grows with your baby

    The Pollywog breastfeeding pillow is suitable for premature infants (while you provide proper head support) all the way up to toddlers. A smaller baby will be able to lie completely on the breastfeeding pillow. As your baby grows, their legs simply extend off the end of the wedge and onto your lap or around your waist in an "L" shape.

    The best breastfeeding pillow is easy to use with a simple design - no buckles, straps, velcro or arms to navigate

    If you spend more time positioning your pillow than you do getting your baby properly latched on then you will appreciate the simplicity of this breastfeeding pillow. The absence of arms or straps allows you to use the Pollywog breastfeeding pillow in a number of different positions, including the cradle hold, the clutch hold, and a semi-cradle hold. For babies that have reflux it is very easy to adjust the angle of the breastfeeding pillow up to 45 degrees by using the arm of a chair or tucking the tail of the breastfeeding pillow between your knees. There are no hooks to fidget with while you are holding your baby. When you are done with the breastfeeding pillow you simply stand it on the non-feeding surface on the floor next to your chair.

    Pollywog In Use

    Finally - a breastfeeding pillow that puts your baby in the natural nursing position.

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    Read my son Max's story and other testimonials

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