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Help us achieve our mission of helping as many parents of infants with reflux and colic as possible.

I created this website out of frustration a few months after the birth of my first son who had inconsolable reflux and colic that medication couldn't tame. It was originally a synopsis of information that had been difficult for me to find - somewhere in between the lost information that used to come from grandmothers and aunts and the clinical information so easy to find but difficult to understand and not really applicable to home life.

Along the way the site has grown as I've continued researching infant reflux and colic and as new information and products have become available. But the mission that first motivated me to creat the website - to help as many others through what may well be the most difficult months of their lives while reducing shaken baby syndrome and post partum depression - has never waivered.

By linking to this website you will be making it more visible to the search engines, increasing the odds that parents in need find it when they need it the most.

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www.PollywogBaby.com provides practical infant reflux and colic solutions to help parents bridge the gap between clinical information and home life.

Wishing you sleep and hugs,