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Tucker Wedge Cover

Tucker Wedge Cover

100% white cotton denim spare cover for your Tucker Wedge.

Your baby’s upper body rests on the sling but his legs rest on the wedge cover. The sling itself will catch most spit-ups and diaper leaks but large ones may travel down the wedge onto the primary wedge cover.

This is a spare wedge cover, not a spare sling.

Machine wash and dry

We've ordered more so check back soon. Sorry for the inconvenience!

Tucker Wedge with Sling

Tucker Wedge with Sling

We love the quality, safety and flexibility of this freestanding infant sleeping wedge.

This item is covered by most insurance when ordered by the hospital or a DME. Email info@pollywogbaby.com for more info.

Regularly: $154.50
On Sale: $126.00

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