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Tucker Wedge with Sling

The Tucker Sling with Wedge (Also called the Tucker Wedge) is a great sleep solution for your infant with reflux. You can move it around the house or place it in the crib, family bed or pack and play. The harness is flexible enough that your baby can sleep on his side, tummy or back. The cover is made from quilted cotton/polyester fabric that is easy to remove and wash.

This item is covered by most insurance when ordered by the hospital or a DME. Email info@pollywogbaby.com for more info.

Preemie fits babies 3-7 lbs
Small fits babies 6-16 lbs
Medium fits babies 16-24 lbs

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We like to have several cotton cloth diapers on hand to place directly on the wedge under the baby’s face so that most spit-ups can be whisked away without washing the sling.


For the first 3 weeks upon returning home from the hospital with our newborn daughter, she cried hysterically anytime we placed her on her back in her bassinette. She would not sleep unless I held her against my chest in an incline position. So at night I would prop myself up on pillows and hold her through the night so she would sleep. A friend told me about The Tucker Sling. We got one and placed our daughter on it at 5 weeks of age, and she slept through the night from that point on. It is AMAZING!!!
Thank you!!
Charlotte, NC

I have boy/girl twins that were born 7 weeks premature. When I was finally able to bring them home from the hospital, they cried a lot and wouldn’t sleep through the night. My doctor and friends told me they were "colicky." After doing some research on the internet, I realized they were not "colicky" but had all the symptoms of acid reflux.

They would wake up in the middle of the night screaming and their noses were always stuffy, etc. I did more research on the website and came across your website. Thank goodness I did!! I ordered two of your wedge/sling combos and put them in their crib. The first night I used them, they slept 7 hours straight!

They’ve been doing great ever since! I have attached a picture to show you how you can fit two of the wedge/sling combos in a crib comfortably and to show you how well my babies sleep with them now. I just wish I had found out about The Tucker Sling® before they were three months old!
Thank you,
T in Huntington Beach, CA

Dear Annette,
Thank you for sending us the tucker wedge and sling. My son has severe reflux and the wedge really helps him, he doesn’t spit up or gag when he’s on it. I put the wedge in his crib and he loves sleeping on it, he’s very comfortable.

This product is wonderful and it has really made a huge difference in our lives.....we all sleep better at night. I highly recommend the tucker wedge and sling to any parent who has a baby with reflux.

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On Sale: $126.00

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My Brest Friend Reflux Feeding Wedge

My Brest Friend Reflux Feeding Wedge

Does your baby fuss at the breast or bottle? You remember well the feeling of heartburn from your pregnancy and how it helped to be in a more upright position. This pillow is designed to mimic the natural, upright nursing position that is overlooked by other nursing pillows and can reduce gas, colic and spit-ups. It’s unique wedge shape allows for an individual height adjustment that no other nursing pillow can provide.

This item is covered by most insurance when ordered by the hospital or a DME. Email info@pollywogbaby.com for more info.


Regularly: $39.95
On Sale: $34.95

Pollywog Changing Station Incliner

Pollywog Changing Station Incliner

Does your baby spit up every time you lie him flat to change his diaper? Our exclusive incliner puts your existing changing table in a more upright position.

This item is covered by most insurance under diagnostic code E530.81:E1399.

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Hug Me Joey

Hug Me Joey

Finally - a solution to the problem of carseats squishing your refluxer or swallowing your preemie! Our Pollywog panel is so excited about this new product.

The Hug Me Joey system contains a wedge to fill the "well" of your carseat that squishes most babies under 6 months and a plush roll to keep tiny babies upright and cozy. Hug Me Joey is crash tested and hospital approved.

A preemie car seat must have! Please note this will not work with Peg Perego carseats.

Price: $59.95

Tucker Wedge Cover

Tucker Wedge Cover

100% white cotton denim spare cover for your Tucker Wedge. This is a spare cover for the wedge and nice to have around in case of diaper leaks that get on your main cover.

Price: $16.95

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