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Tummy Warmer Packet

Natural warmth packets to warm and calm your baby, as well as helping him to ease painful gas cramps most babies have the first 3 months. Forget drops and drugs that have not been proven effective. Simply place the tummy warmer in the microwave for 20 seconds then place on your baby’s tummy and swaddle him as usual.

The 100% cotton flannel packets are filled with cherry pits and sewn with love by a mom in Massuchusetts. Once your baby starts walking these packets can be left in the freezer and used as ice packs for years to come.

The red, white and black pattern is a fussy baby favorite for visual development and the cherry pits make a pleasing "waterfall" sound when played with.

We've ordered more so check back soon. Sorry for the inconvenience!

Large Swaddling Blanket

Large Swaddling Blanket

The Ultimate Swaddle Blanket. Correctly swaddled babies are less fussy and sleep better. These blankets are luxuriously soft, beautiful and large enough to swaddle securely without using velcro which can scratch your baby. The perfect shape and stretch and a 1-2-3 tip tag makes it easy to swaddle like a pro. These are the perfect size for tummy time or as a nursing cover once you are done swaddling. Made with love in the USA. 42 inch square.

large swaddling blanket

Price: $24.95

Ookie Doll

Ookie Doll

The Ookie security doll is a great comfort for fussy babies that only want Mama. You tuck the Ookie into your shirt to "scent" it naturally with the scent your baby craves the most - YOU. This enables another caregiver to help out with your baby or helps you transfer your baby from your arms to the crib. The Ookie doll is especially great for promoting bonding with preemies.

Price: $18.95

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