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RESQ Wedge

RESQ Wedge

The RESQ Wedge is a class 1 medical device designed by an occupational therapist, a physician, and a dietitian in response to head molding and shoulder retraction issues they were seeing in babies.

One side is designed for your baby to be on his back and features a nest that cradles and secures your baby, limiting wake-ups from "startling". The unique design of the tummy side is shaped similar to a mother’s chest and is especially critical for preemies, babies with moderate to severe reflux or “syndrome” babies that spend a great deal of time on a wedge, although all babies can benefit from these hard to obtain sleeping positions.

The orthopedic design of the wedge encourages less external rotation and abduction of the infant’s hips and helps to disburse pressure around the back of the skull for improved head molding.

You can use the RES-Q Wedge inside a crib, a pack-n-play, or set it directly on the floor.

The cover is a super soft medical grade vinyl that can be easily wiped down and the denim sling is machine washable.

When you purchase this wedge you will receive free email consultations with it’s occupational therapist co-inventor to ensure it works for your baby.

Sling Sizes:
Small 3-7 pounds
Medium 7-14 pounds
Large 14-25 pounds

This item is covered by most insurance when ordered by the hospital or a DME. Email info@pollywogbaby.com for more info.

Watch a quick video to see it in action:


The first night we put our 2 month-old on the wedge, she slept six and a half hours! We actually awoke her to change her diaper. I couldn’t believe it! It was the best night we have had since she was born! I really don’t care if our insurance covers the wedge or not because it is worth every penny!

We had twins, and both of them had terrible reflux and trouble sleeping. Once we started using the RES-Q Infant Wedge, our lives became manageable again.

We have used the RES-Q Infant Wedge for Scott from the time he was just under a month old. Immediately it made a difference in his ability to fall and stay asleep. I feel this positioning device has allowed him to develop and maintain a healthy sleep/wake pattern in spite of his medical problems. He is 11 months old and won’t go to sleep without it!
NS, Physical Therapist

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Regarding the Sept. 29/10 FDA warning on infant sleep positioners:
The RES-Q Wedge is registered with the FDA as a Class 1 Medical Device Infant Positioner used to help treat the symptoms of reflux and associated orthopedic conditions. Due to recent FDA sleep positioner warnings, the manufacturers of the RES-Q Wedge have submitted new safety and effectiveness data as well as current medical research to support their product design. Please note that the FDA has linked 2 types of sleep positioners to ‘deaths and dangerous situations’. They are positioners that are flat mats with side bolsters and inclined (wedge) mats with side bolsters. The RES-Q Wedge is not a mat and does not have side bolsters. The patented double anchored suspended RES-Q Sling design allows the infant to rest safely and securely with the help of gravity in the center of the RES-Q Wedge.

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This item is covered by most insurance when ordered by the hospital or a DME. Email info@pollywogbaby.com for more info.


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