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Large Swaddling Blanket

Large Swaddling Blanket

We love this large swaddling blanket best of all. Made from 100% cotton and just the right amount of fabric so that baby is not "overwrapped". That is important in helping newborns to regulate their temperature.

We, along with many pediatricians and RNs, believe that babies swaddled correctly will have their thumbs free, allowing them to learn how to self soothe. This large swaddling blanket puts baby in the correct swaddle position, unlike other wrap-style swaddle blankets. Perfect for preemies but also works for older babies. Comes with an exclusive 1-2-3 swaddle tip tag to make swaddling a snap. Easy care machine wash and dry. Made in the USA. 42 inch square.

For more information on swaddle blankets see our swaddle blanket page.

large swaddling blanketlarge swaddling blanket


"As an enthusiastic proponent of swaddling, I was thrilled to discover Swaddle Designs. These blankets are perfect - large enough, square in shape, light weight, attractive and well-made. I am recommending them to expectant parents in my childbirth classes."
Penny Simkin, PT, childbirth educator and author of Pregnancy, Childbirth and the Newborn.

"Your blanket has quickly become one of my favorites (and E’s). It is big enough to where I can wrap her up when I put her down to sleep and she doesn’t kick herself out of it. Even if she doesn’t like to have her hands covered, she enjoys being all cozy inside of her soft blanket. I bring it everywhere I go...It is my favorite blanket because it is large enough to tuck in under my bra strap on one side of my neck and then go around and cover her when I nurse her in public. That way it isn’t falling off and it gives me more ability to see her latch on."
U in Orlando, FL

"Finally a blanket made in the ideal size and shape for a snuggly swaddle! Granted, my husband may be the primary swaddler in our home, but that little tag with directions is a great help to me. It’s also a nice weight for a mom on the go. I needed a muti-purpose blanket that easily fits in my diaper bag, while still providing room for other essentials. This blanket is it!"
J in Seattle, WA

Large Swaddling Blanket Styles

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Moby Baby Wrap

Moby Baby Wrap

Soothe the savage beast in your babe fast while freeing your arms and properly distributing the weight with our baby sling wrap.

The Mobi wrap is the ultimate baby wrap and the best carrier for a newborn baby, made of soft fabric that lets your baby feel nestled rather than strapped and keeps him well supported in the correct upright position without letting him slump in a one-size fits all "bucket" like other front packs.

Price: $39.95

Ookie Doll

Ookie Doll

The Ookie security doll is a great comfort for fussy babies that only want Mama. You tuck the Ookie into your shirt to "scent" it naturally with the scent your baby craves the most - YOU. This enables another caregiver to help out with your baby or helps you transfer your baby from your arms to the crib. The Ookie doll is especially great for promoting bonding with preemies.

Price: $18.95

Dex Sound Sleeper

Dex Sound Sleeper

The Sound Sleeper - white noise for baby specifically designed to calm crying babies and help them to sleep sounder. Custom select from 10 reassuring natural white noise sounds including womb, rain, and wind or combine several sounds for a special colic-soothing effect.

We've ordered more so check back soon. Sorry for the inconvenience!

Lightweight Swaddling Blanket

Lightweight Swaddling Blanket

We are excited to be carrying these ultra lightweight swaddling blankets made from 100% cotton. Perfect for warmer weather and softer than muslin!

Price: $13.95

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