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Hug Me Joey

Does your baby cry and spit up in the car? The Hug Me Joey is a revolutionary new positioning system that decreases fussiness, reflux and breathing difficulties due to poor positioning in carseats.

The entire system is crash-tested and includes a wedge to eliminate the "well" in your carseat that squishes your baby’s tummy and a plush roll that helps keep your baby in an upright position. A Pollywog favorite!

Hug Me Joey Fussy Hug Me Joey Happy

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Easy Bib

Easy Bib

Easy Bib

Practical, thirsty and large - our easy bib is perfect from small baby to toddler. These are the bibs you will be using for years to come.

Price: $5.95

Ookie Doll

Ookie Doll

The Ookie security doll is a great comfort for fussy babies that only want Mama. You tuck the Ookie into your shirt to "scent" it naturally with the scent your baby craves the most - YOU. This enables another caregiver to help out with your baby or helps you transfer your baby from your arms to the crib. The Ookie doll is especially great for promoting bonding with preemies.

Price: $18.95

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