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A baby security blanket, sometimes called a baby lovie or lovey, is an indispensable item that provides security when taking independent steps like sleeping through the night or starting daycare.

Our baby security blankets come in two textures - soft downy fuzz or plush minkee velour. Both have satin picture frame edging and backside.

The fuzzy lovies are like downy chicks while the plush ones are more like baby rabbit fur. You won’t be able to resist rubbing them against your cheek and neither will your little one!

Fuzzy lovie colors - blue, pink, kiwi:

blue fuzzy lovie pink fuzzy lovie

kiwi fuzzy lovie

White plush velour lovie colors - blue, pink, sage, sterling:

blue plush lovie pink plush lovie
sage plush lovie sterling plush lovie

Price: $14.95

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Large Swaddling Blanket

Large Swaddling Blanket

The Ultimate Swaddle Blanket. Correctly swaddled babies are less fussy and sleep better. These blankets are luxuriously soft, beautiful and large enough to swaddle securely without using velcro which can scratch your baby. The perfect shape and stretch and a 1-2-3 tip tag makes it easy to swaddle like a pro. These are the perfect size for tummy time or as a nursing cover once you are done swaddling. Made with love in the USA. 42 inch square.

large swaddling blanket

Price: $24.95

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