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My Brest Friend Reflux Feeding Wedge

Please note: My Brest Friend has recently licensed the Pollywog feeding wedge and is now making it for us under their label. You will receive the My Brest Friend Reflux Feeding Wedge with the same great design.

More ergonomic for mom, better for baby’s digestion. This pillow comes with a removable, washable outer cover and a water resistant inner cover and fits most glider rockers.

This item is covered by most medical insurance for infants with acid reflux.

This item is covered by most insurance when ordered by the hospital or a DME. Email info@pollywogbaby.com for more info.


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I would like to take this chance to also tell you what a wonderful product the pollywog pillow is! It has helped me and my son tremendously. I had Renee Beebe come to my house last week because breastfeeding had not be going well at all. She had me try out your pillow because I had stopped using all pillows because they were just making things worse and I was instantly nursing without pain.

In addition my son has been having a hard time with gas and I think some reflux and this pillow seems to be helping. He is not as fussy after nursing as he had been prior to using the pollywog. I just wanted to say thanks for coming up with this product. It has made a huge difference for us!
D in Woodinville

Hey Annette, We received the wedge today and she nursed great this evening! (Still spit up some, but at least she was nursing and not demanding the bottle!) She must’ve been a lot more comfortable. I can’t begin to thank you enough for sending that to us and the pretty pink extra cover.

Annette, My name is KO and I live in Cleveland, OH. My 3 mo. old has had reflux for a couple months now and the nursing positioner has been a GODSEND! I also just received an extra cover in the mail and was so glad to see you sold those...(baby with reflux = lots of spit up!). I just wanted to thank you for such a GREAT product. I’ve told all my friends about it also...even those without babies suffering from reflux. It is SO much more comfortable than a "Boppy" pillow and I will never go back to using one of those again for providing such a great product. I’m spreading the word to my peers...FORGET the Boppy and get a pollywog pillow!
With Thanks,

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On Sale: $34.95

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Thick Burp Cloths

Thick Burp Cloths

100% cotton cloth diapers make the best and least expensive thick burp cloths. They are soft and highly absorbant and have a long "after life" once you are done with spit ups. Specify bleached (white) or unbleached (stain-hiding beige).

We've ordered more so check back soon. Sorry for the inconvenience!

Burp Catcher

Burp Catcher

The most ingenious burp cloth we’ve found. Absorbant flannel with a large pocket that actually stays open when you need it.

Package includes two same-color cloths.

Price: $13.00

Teething Jewelry

Teething Jewelry

If your baby fusses at the breast, loses interest quickly or pinches and pulls your hair we have the perfect solution. These fun nursing necklaces are actually teething necklaces that babies love to play with and chew on!

These are the best solution for breastfeeding a teething infant we have found.

Price: $19.95

Breastfeeding Cover Up

Breastfeeding Cover Up

Nurse discretely anywhere with our practical and sanity-saving breast feeding cover up! We are proud to breastfeed but sometimes it’s nice to be discrete. Our breast feeding cover is simple to use, extra large and comes in fun fabrics.

Price: $34.95

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