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Dex Sound Sleeper

We are so excited about this highly affordable machine for white noise for baby! White noise sound helps mask other household sounds that can wake a restless sleeper and also serves as an important bedtime cue to help establish an effective sleep routine.

This white noise for baby sound machine works in both battery mode or includes an adapter, and has a timer or can be left on all night. Superior to white noise cds that have repeating tracks with a short absence of noise as the track re-cues.

Perfect for traveling - helps your baby feel at home with familiar sounds even in new environments. Comes with a manufacturer’s lifetime guarantee.

This white noise for baby sound machine plays summer night, rain, brook, ocean, wind, womb, seagull, bird, buoy and thunder sounds which can be combined or played separately. You choose whether to lull your baby to sleep or intrigue your fussy baby with the sounds of mother nature.

We've ordered more so check back soon. Sorry for the inconvenience!

Large Swaddling Blanket

Large Swaddling Blanket

The Ultimate Swaddle Blanket. Correctly swaddled babies are less fussy and sleep better. These blankets are luxuriously soft, beautiful and large enough to swaddle securely without using velcro which can scratch your baby. The perfect shape and stretch and a 1-2-3 tip tag makes it easy to swaddle like a pro. These are the perfect size for tummy time or as a nursing cover once you are done swaddling. Made with love in the USA. 42 inch square.

large swaddling blanket

Price: $24.95

Tucker Wedge with Sling

Tucker Wedge with Sling

We love the quality, safety and flexibility of this freestanding infant sleeping wedge.

This item is covered by most insurance when ordered by the hospital or a DME. Email info@pollywogbaby.com for more info.

Regularly: $154.50
On Sale: $126.00

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