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How to Remove Baby Spit Up Stains

Even babies who don't have reflux spit up fairly often - especially during times of illness, congestion, teething and particularly active milestones like learning how to crawl and sit up by themselves. Those pesky stains can be difficult to remove. Even more frustrating, you may not realize you have stains until you have stored the clothing for a time. With age you seem to have stains you never even knew existed.

Removing Baby Spit Up Stains

Baby spit up stains can be a mixture of breastmilk, formula or solids.

Breastmilk stains generally wash out readily but can be visible after the clothing is stored in boxes for a time. A regular wash and brief stint in direct sunlight should fade them out. If not, you can apply lemon juice directly to the stains and leave them in the sunlight one last time.

Formula, however, is another beast entirely. To treat a formula baby stain:

  • Scrape off the dried bits with a stiff brush
  • Sprinkle baking soda directly on the stain
  • Slowly pour club soda over the baking soda
  • When the mixture has stopped fizzing you can wash it on warm with a mild detergent.
  • It's best to airdry then check to see if the stain is completely gone since the heat of the dryer sets the stain.
  • Removing Baby Spit Up Stains - Last Resort

    If these natural home methods don't work you can try something mild like Bac-Out by Bi-O-Clean. Bac-Out contains natural enzymes that eat the proteins in the stains but are not so harsh that they might work on baby's delicate skin if not fully rinsed out of the clothes. I would not try anything else you can find in the supermarket or large chains because they all certainly contain chemicals and harsh enzymes. I've seen lots of recommendations for things like meat tenderizer, bleach, or other stain removers such as Shout or Zout to remove baby spit up stains. I would personally never use any of these on items that will touch my baby's skin, even with a second rinse cycle.

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