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Diaper Rash Remedies - Diaper Rash Treatment and Quick Cures

In order to treat your baby'baby-diaper-rash.html" title="Causes of Diaper Rash">causes of diaper rash for a brief overview.

Caring for Your Baby's Bottom - General Diaper Rash Remedies and Treatment for all Types of Diaper Rash


  • Change your baby's diaper as frequently as possible. The goal is for your baby to never sit in urine or feces.
  • Clean baby's bottom thoroughly but gently. You can soak baby's bottom for a few minutes in a small amount of gentle warm water in the tub, thoroughly spray water on baby's bottom and let it sit for a moment, or hold a wet wipe over the area for a moment before carefully dabbing feces off. Disrupt the skin as minimally as possible.
  • Some people swear by a tablespoon of cider apple vinegar in the spray bottle, or 1/4 cup in the bathtub to alter the pH of the urine and make the environment less attractive to yeast.
  • Be sure your wipes are the fragrance free variety. You may find that simple water in a spray bottle with a few drops of olive oil works better and your baby's bottom stings less.
  • As with any rash or sore, prolonged exposure to air and a dry environment will speed up healing. Try to let your baby's bottom dry in between diaper changes. You can use a hair dryer on the cool setting to help dry the area or if it's practical give your baby some tummy time on a waterproof pad without diapers.
  • Use a spray for diaper rash with each diaper change. Our all-natural diaper rash spray is a quick cure for the pain of diaper rash. It contains high quality witch hazel to reduce redness and swelling, tea-tree oil to provide anti-fungal and anti-bacterial properties good for both bacterial and yeast rashes, lavender to help balance the pH of your baby's skin, and soothing aloe vera and jojoba oils. One benefit to using a spray is that there is no additional rubbing or friction on the infected area. This also eliminates cross-contamination you can sometimes get with diaper rash ointments.
  • You may also want to use a diaper rash cream to provide a barrier. We believe that petroleum's place is in the soil, not on the body so our natural diaper rash cream is made with high quality, all-natural products. It seems dangerous to put a known flammable on a baby with thin skin and a quickly developing neurological system. Our diaper rash cream provides both soothing relief and an effective barrier against diaper rash without petroleum.
  • Avoid:

  • Avoid using talcum powder, which can cause aspirational issues. Avoid corn starch, which can increase a yeast infection.
  • Avoid using neosporin, which can cause allergic reactions and alter the rash itself. Even the official Neosporin website advises not to use Neosporin on diaper rash. Use hydrocortisone cream only under a doctor's advice since that can cause problems as well.
  • Cloth or Disposable Diapers?

    The jury still seems to be out on this one. There is some evidence that cloth diapers cause fewer of the allergen-type rashes and some evidence that disposable diapers cause fewer of the contact diaper rashes. If you are using cloth diapers be sure you are not using too much detergent, or a detergent with fragrance. You should run a second rinse cycle to be sure the detergent is rinsed out and you can also add 1/2 cup of vinegar to the second rinse to soften the diapers and reduce the acidity of any residual urine or detergent.

    Do NOT use Desitin, Vaseline, A&D;, Bag Balm or other diaper rash creams or ointments that contain petroleum products with cloth diapers. These manufacturers, as well as manufacturers of cloth diapers advise against it because these products can ignite in the dryer.

    We have been cloth diapering for years and occasionally either something in our little one'item--diaper-rash-spray--BABYDIAPERSPRAY.html" title="Diaper Rash Spray">diaper rash spray followed by a barrier of diaper rash cream and it clears the problem up overnight.

    Diaper Rash Treatment

  • Keep baby's bottom clean and dry
  • Spritz baby'item--diaper-rash-spray--BABYDIAPERSPRAY.html" title="Diaper Rash Spray">diaper rash spray each diaper change
  • Cover baby'item--diaper-rash-creams--BABYDIAPERCREAM.html" title="Diaper Rash Cream">diaper rash cream each diaper change to provide a barrier preventing urine and feces to come in contact with baby's skin.
  • See your pediatrician if your baby's diaper rash does not improve in 48-72 hours.

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