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Infant Reflux Products

After having several reflux babies we realized how difficult it was to find practical positioning items and other infant reflux products like good burp cloths and large absorbant bibs. Out of desperation we developed some items and have added others as we've discovered them. We have personally tested or used each one of these items and stand behind them all.

We love your feedback! It helps us to evaluate ongoing product quality and steer other parents towards items that will make the most difference in their lives. Please email us about your experiences with our infant reflux products, positive or negative so that we can better serve other parents and caregivers.

Infant Reflux Products - Infant Reflux Sleeping Wedges

Our infant reflux sleeping wedges are covered by most insurance. Find out how

Please see our acid reflux baby wedge comparison to help you choose which one is right for you.

RESQ Wedge

The RESQ wedge was developed by a therapist, dietician and physician in response to increased cases of plagiocephaly, torticollis and shoulder retraction they were seeing.

The wedge was very thoughtfully designed with a dedicated tummy side and back side. Angled cuts on the tummy side make the wedge the same shape as a mother's chest, allowing the shoulders to fall forward naturally. A molded nest on the back side of the wedge helps to prevent flat head syndrome, torticollis, and provides a shelf to prevent your infant reflux baby from feeling suspended on the wedge.

Both sides encourage good muscle flexion to encourage your infant reflux baby's muscles to develop even when resting on the wedge. We especially love this wedge for tummy time. Refluxers hate to be on their tummies unless sleeping but the shape of this wedge makes it much easier. Simply add a colorful blanket and some toys and use in place of a tummy time mat!

You can buy a larger harness when your baby outgrows the smaller size, or buy an extra to have for when the first one is in the wash. A Pollywog Favorite!
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This item is covered by most insurance with a diagnosis of infant reflux. Find out how

Tucker Sling - Tucker Wedge

The Tucker Sling and Tucker Wedge were developed by two mothers of babies with infant reflux to ease their babies reflux symptoms. A safe and secure way to keep your infant reflux baby in an elevated position without fear of them sliding down. Upright positioning is critical for preventing frightening apnea, congestion and reflux episodes that shorten sleep cycles.

The attached harness is secure yet easy to get your baby into and out of quickly and can be machine washed. You can buy a larger harness when your baby outgrows the smaller size, or buy an extra to have for when the first one is in the wash.
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This item is covered by most insurance with a diagnosis of infant reflux. Find out how

Tucker Sling for Crib Mattress

The Tucker Sling for crib mattress is similar to the harness on the Tucker Wedge. A half sheet with attached harness slips over your crib mattress which you prop yourself. This item does not contain the freestanding wedge. Because you prop the mattress, you control the angle of elevation. You can increase the angle during times of need like teething and congestion or decrease the angle as your reflux baby's symptoms subside.

This item is a great solution for chemically-sensitive or immuno-compromised babies who need to be on a natural mattress.
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This item is covered by most insurance with a diagnosis of infant reflux. Find out how

Infant Feeding Wedge Pillow

The Pollywog infant feeding wedge is designed to improve digestion, and reducing spit-ups, gas and reflux-induced colic. The combination of straight spine and incline means more food enters your infant reflux baby's intestines during feeds and there is less in the tummy to come back up later.

This is a great positioning device for breast or bottle feeding. Keeps your reflux baby's spine perfectly straight while inclined - something difficult to maintain when using pillows or your arms.
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This item is covered by most insurance with a diagnosis of infant reflux. Find out how

Infant Reflux Incliner - Diaper Changing Wedge

Does your reflux baby spit up every time you lay him flat to change his diaper? This simple wedge props your existing changing table pad for inclined diaper changes.
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This item is covered by most insurance with a diagnosis of infant reflux. Find out how

Carseat for Infant Reflux - Hug Me Joey

The Hug Me Joey is a two part system that helps digestion and breathing by improving positioning in carseats, strollers or infant swings that are too large for young babies. The wedge fills the "well" of the seat, bringing your infant reflux baby up so they are not as squished. The roll goes around and over your baby's head to keep them from shifting to the side and to prevent the head from flopping sideways or forward.

Unlike rolled up towels, the Hug Me Joey has been approved by hospitals and thoroughly crash-tested. Decrease spit ups and apnea episodes in the car - the one place you can't do anything about them.
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Moby Wrap Baby Carrier

Are your arms getting tired from holding your infant reflux baby all the time but you can't put them down? The Moby Wrap baby carrier puts your baby in the perfect upright position while giving you hands-free freedom to do things both inside and outside the house. We've "cut up the rug" vacuuming for hours with our reflux babies in the Moby Wrap baby carrier to cure evening fussiness and lull them to sleep.

What we love best of all about the Moby Wrap baby carrier is that you can adjust the straps every time you put it on so it always fits perfectly as both your body and your infant reflux baby change daily.

Because other baby carriers fit on your shoulders in the same spot, baby wearing can quickly become painful when you are practicing it the majority of your waking (and sometimes sleeping) hours.

The Moby baby wrap can be used with any size preemie and will hold up to 45 pounds of weight as your baby thrives and grows.
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Front Baby Carrier - Baby Front Pack

We love these baby front packs sewn for us by a doula in Oregon state with many years of baby wearing experience. Thoughtfully designed and padded straps distribute your reflux baby's weight across your shoulders and your waist to minimize any pinching or single points of pressure.

An adustable side strap lets you quickly loosen or tighten to get your baby in or out and keep them in the perfect upright position for infant reflux. This design is superior to one-size-fits-all-babies front packs marketing at large baby department stores that let the babies slump even when upright.

These are sewn with love in the USA of strong and practical denim. Machine washable.
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Baby Medicine Dispensers - MediBottles

These baby medicine dispensers have an inner chamber - keeping the breastmilk or formula separate from the medicine.

How many times have you mixed medicine directly into your reflux baby's bottle only to have him not finish the bottle? This baby medicine dispenser lets you keep track of how much medicine you've administered so you don't waste a single drop. With insurance companies limiting the exact amount of infant reflux medicine you are allowed each month you can't afford to waste it!
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Reflux 101 - Infant Reflux Book

Finally - a book about babies written by the mom of a reflux baby who has dedicated the last ten years to helping parents like you through this experience. Jan Gambino, aka Reflux Mom, is the former associate director of PAGER, a renown infant and children’s reflux resource online. She has written brochures, booklets and magazine articles that are used by many doctors and hospitals and writes a weekly blog for HealthCentral Network focusing on parenting a child with reflux.

Our favorite part about this book is that it offers advice, support and tips but also shares the experiences of many other parents with babies just like yours. Other baby books give you the impression you are doing something wrong as a parent - this book will help you see tricks that worked with babies who are just like yours and give you more realistic expectations about what you can expect.
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Baby Bottles for Spitting-Up - Dr Brown Bottles

These physician-designed bottles feature an internal straw and venting system which eliminates the air bubbles before your baby swallows them, helping to reduce gas, colic and reflux. Two pack of bottles with size 1 nipples plus two size 2 nipples (one 4 oz. and one 8 oz., size 2 nipples are 3+ months)

This is a great way to trial the bottles at a low introductory price. We are confident that you will love them!
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Dr Brown Y-Cut Nipples

3 Pack of Dr. Brown Y-cut nipples. These are ideal for formula or thickened liquids.
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