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Calorie Boosters for Solid Feeding

Why won't my baby eat?

Around 12 - 18 months babies become more independent, easily distractible, and enjoy exercising control over their bodies. Much to your consternation they often refuse to eat. As long as they maintain their growth curve this is usually not an issue. However, if their growth curve slows down or drops it's time to add additional calories to their diet.

Some reflux babies also develop an aversion to eating because of uncontrolled pain. If this happens you should discuss feeding therapy with your pediatrician and be sure your baby's medications are appropriate to control his pain. These calorie boosters can also be given to babies with reflux in order to maintain or boost their weight as long as there is no sensitivity to the food.

Supplemental foods to boost calories

If your baby has a sensitivity to any of these items do not offer them!

  • olive oil (cook with and add to cooked food)

  • flax seed oil (put on food or add to shakes)

  • seed butters like tahini (mix with rice, noodles, or garbanzo beans)

  • avocado

  • pasteurized egg (add to milk, cream, or shakes)

  • grated hard boiled egg (sprinkle on top of noodles, rice, etc)

  • ghee (cook with)

  • butter (cook with, spread on cooked food)

  • whipping cream (add to milk, pour over oatmeal, put on cereal, use to sauce noodles, add to shakes)

  • powdered whole milk (add to milk, add to cereals, add to shakes)

  • grated cheese (add to scrambled eggs, sprinkle on cooked food, mix with veggies, noodles, rice and beans)

  • yogurt (mix with cream or milk to make a drink, add to shakes, add to diced fruit)

  • khefir (add to milk, mix with cream to make a drink, add to shakes, use as a sauce for fruit)

  • wheat germ (sprinkle over foods, especially noodles or rice, use as breading when frying foods, bake into bread products)

  • High calorie foods to offer when baby will eat

    When your underweight baby does feel like eating you need to make every bite count. Be sure you aren't offering empty calories like crackers, cookies, or puffed cereals. Instead try these calorically-dense foods:

  • french toast made with whole wheat bread

  • scrambled egg with cheese

  • hummus mixed with brown rice and veggies

  • cream cheese and whipping cream mixed with tuna fish and noodles or brown rice

  • cream cheese and whipping cream mixed with ranch dressing and noodles or brown rice

  • cream cheese, grated cheddar, and whipping cream mixed with noodles or brown rice

  • homemade bread pudding made with whole wheat bread, eggs, whipping cream, raisins and brown sugar

  • bran muffins with butter

  • rice pudding or any kind of custard made with whipping cream

  • shakes made with whipping cream, fruit, yogurt and flax seed oil

  • freeze shakes in dixie cups with spoons stuck in them so your baby can eat them like popsicles

  • High chair play to entice baby to eat

    Some ideas to keep baby opening his mouth and interested in eating:

  • read to your baby while he finger feeds or self-feeds

  • keep washable toys on the high chair tray

  • during the day play in the high chair with your baby so he doesn't only associate it with feeding

  • try touching the spoon to the corners of his mouth to trigger him opening his mouth or trying to put the spoon in for you

  • look for fun spoons that make noise or have choo choos or airplanes attached. Play the "here comes the train" game

  • serve varied foods in ice cube trays - the challenge of getting things out and the unique presentation may break down resistance

  • always keep a positive attitude, consistently try to get your baby to eat and make meal times fun

  • keep a detailed feeding journal so you can track any reactions your baby may have to previous meals.

  • Looking for tools to make feeding time more successful?

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