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Overactive Letdown and Oversupply

If your baby triggers your milk ejection reflex and then pulls off, seems unable to keep up with the flow, or makes gulping or clicking noises it’s possible that your letdown is too strong for your baby. When babies try to keep up with strong flow they tend to swallow air which contributes to general gas, colic and reflux.

Try pulling baby off and spraying into a towel until the spray slows, pumping or hand expressing until your spray slows a little, or nursing while reclining with baby lying on top and facing you. Learning when to switch breasts will help you correct foremilk/hindmilk imbalance, which will also help with oversupply and overactive letdown.

If you had been doing additional pumpings or taking fenugreek to increase your supply and you are certain you have oversupply you should stop additional pumpings and fenugreek immediately. Oversupply can cause or exacerbate infant acid reflux, colic and gas.

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