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Block Nursing

If your baby seems to need to nurse all the time, has frequent watery or green stools, seems excessively gassy or pulls off at the beginning of feeds, has lots of audible gulps as if unable to keep up, or if you seem to leak large amounts of milk between feedings it could be that you have a foremilk/hindmilk imbalance. This is generally caused or aggravated by certain nursing habits or oversupply.

In a two to two and a half hour period try feeding your baby from only one breast no matter how many times he wants to feed. This will help ensure that he has totally emptied your breast and gotten the right amount of hind milk. This will help provide him with the same number of calories that he was getting with a smaller volume of food in his tummy and he may need to feed less often.

During this trial be sure your baby is gaining weight and has the correct number of wet diapers for his age. A Board Certified Lactation Consultant can help you verify if block nursing is right for your situation. See When to Seek Help from a Lactation Consultant for more information. To find a Lactation Consultant in your area you can contact www.ILCA.org. For more information on breastfeeding see www.lalecheleague.org and www.kellymom.com.

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