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Breastfeeding a Teething Infant

When a baby starts teething everything becomes a chew toy - even you! Your baby has looked to you for comfort from day one so it's a logical extension that your malleable breasts make the perfect chewer to ease teething pain. The challenge is to keep your baby nursing but not using you as a baby teething toy. By trying these baby teething pain home remedies just before breastfeeding your teething infant you help ease teething pain and have an enjoyable breastfeeding session.

Breastfeeding a Teething Infant - Teething Symptoms

To determine if your baby is exhibiting teething symptoms check our teething symptoms. They include fever, diarrhea and rash among others and can make your little one miserable!

Breastfeeding a Teething Infant - Baby Teething Pain Home Remedies

Before trying teething tablets or teething medicine try our teething remedies. There is a lot of information out there about the dangers of teething tablets and we will let you do your own research about that. We believe that the first and best course of any treatment, especially those for tiny babies, are non-oral remedies.

Nursing Strikes are Common When Breastfeeding a Teething Infant

The act of sucking can become very painful and bring on nursing strikes. This is when your baby suddenly stops nursing and should not be confused with weaning, which happens gradually. Often when breastfeeding your teething infant may bite your nipples to ease teething pain. The trick is to not overreact despite the pain you may be in. You should immediately put your finger in your baby'breastfeeding/nursing-strike.html" title="Ending Nursing Strikes"> ending nursing strikes.

Looking for teething remedies helpful for breastfeeding a teething infant?

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