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About Pollywog Baby

My name is Annette and this is my story.

When my first son was born, his reflux brought my life to a complete standstill. I was so miserable trying to console and comfort him and so overwhelmed with barf and postpartum depression that I spent every ounce of energy and every spare moment researching information about infant reflux.

I found some very clinical information that was hard to understand and so scattered throughout the internet that it took ages to find any helpful tidbits. I found nothing on a personal level that gave me hope or helped me personally to cope with the situation. I found few products that were available for home use or could be purchased over the internet.

Out of desperation I made some products myself and started the Pollywog line. In part to help me cope and keep from going insane I created this website and filled it with all the useful information I did find.

Along the journey I joined chat groups and learned lots from other parents going through the same thing I was. My local Children's Hospital heard about my products and incorporated them into their therapy regimes. They taught me much.

Eventually I found other helpful products and added an online store to make it easier for you to find these same products. I have personally used each and every product I sell and believe in them all. If I could invite you into my home so you could see for yourself how these products will change your life I would.

I want you to know that you are not alone and that things will get better in the next few months. If you feel overwhelmed or alone or have any questions about my products please don't hesitate to contact me, either by email or phone. Please only phone 866-332-0958 between 8 a.m. and 5 p.m. Pacific Time, Monday through Friday and don't be surprised to hear the sounds of family life on the other end of the line. I am a WAHM, or work-at-home-mom and still have a little one with reflux.

Wishing you sleep and hugs,